EXPIRED: Playstation’s 2020 Spring Sale is Insane! – The 9 Best Sales it Offers


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Note: The digital Playstation game sales listed below have all expired as of April 29th, 2020.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you might know that I try to focus on writing about the Nintendo Switch and its games.

However, since the limited-time Playstation exclusive Final Fantasy 7 Remake released today, I just so happened to see what was new on Playstation, and I’m honestly very surprised!

In an effort I have to imagine is designed to help gamers stay indoors and limit the spread of the Coronavirus, Playstation is rolling out a massive 2020 Spring Sale, just one day after their expansive March 2020 Sale!

And as much as I try to write exclusively about the Nintendo Switch, I have to admit, Playstation’s Spring Sale is pretty hard to ignore.

With sales of up to 50% off on some very good games, (some even higher than that!,) even I’m tempted to shell out for these bargains, and I don’t even have a PS4!

Before we get into the sales though, I’d recommend looking into buying an external hard drive for your Playstation 4. Your PS4 might come with 1TB by default, but since every game you play has to be installed first (whether physical or digital), your storage space might be filled before you know it!

A Quick Note on External Drives

As you’ll see in the list below, some of these games can take up huge amounts of storage space. Some are even as high as 100 Gigs!

If you plan on doing some serious sale shopping, buying an external hard drive will allow you to store more games to play on your PS4, without having to constantly juggle your virtual library of games. I’d recommend getting at least 1TB worth of storage on an external hard drive if that’s the case.

I personally use a 1TB Western Digital My Passport drive for the PS4, and I haven’t had any issues with it one year later. It was as simple as plugging it in and formatting it for use with the PS4!

If you’re thinking of buying of buying a hard drive, I recommend getting this one from Amazon:

WD 1TB Black My Passport Portable External Hard Drive – USB 3.0 – WDBYNN0010BBK-WESN

And yep, the above link is indeed an affiliate link! I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t mention it, would I?

That being said, while I recommend getting a hard drive, I’m also the type of person who loves playing games, and regularly buys new games consistently. I don’t sell my games or trade them in, and I do still play them after I beat them. That requires ample storage space to hold onto every game I install.

My needs may not be your needs though, so don’t feel that you have to buy an extenal hard drive if you’re just starting out with a PS4. Every person is different, and every gamer is different. You might be ok with your built-in storage space on your PS4!

Whatever the case, in today’s always install generation of gaming, it’s important to consider how much storage space you need for your console!

Without further ado, here’s a list of what I think the best 2020 Spring Sale offers are!

The Best Playstation Spring Sales

Mortal Kombat 11 PE + Injustice 2 LE – Premier Fighter

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/15/2020 (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 72.67GB

Sale Price: $35.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 15, 2020.

If you love the visceral fighting gameplay Mortal Kombat provides, and love seeing DC’s Superheroes and Supervillains clash, these two fighting games are a hard deal to pass up.

With Mortal Kombat, you’ll fight to defend Earthrealm from the forces of Netherrealm in vicious, bloody battles! Dismembering your opponent is par for the course in Mortal Kombat, and honestly part of what makes the series unique.

Not only can you beat your opponent into no tomorrow during a match, you can also take it a step further and knock their head off, kick their heart out of their chest, or rend them into nothing but a pile of blood and guts (literally).

Mortal Kombat’s visceral action too extreme for you? Then throw on a cape and prove to your super-powered kin who’s the best hero (or villain) around in Injustice 2!

Injustice 2 follows the story of the first Injustice game, in which a tragic event causes a schism between heroes and villains on how they should operate. Do you believe villains should be thrown in jail and punished for their crimes? Or should the heroes take justice into their own hands, and crush evil by any means necessary?

Both games also feature elements of customization. You can change up your characters’ costumes, and even change the gear they have equipped as well!

If you want a fighting game with customizable gear, deep stories, and snarky pre-battle quips for every matchup you play, you could go with either of these games, or you can get both for one incredibly low price.

And you get all of the DLC for these two games, too!

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM Legacy

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/15/2020 (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 60.16GB

Sale Price: $17.49 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 15, 2020.

If you love ninjas, anime, or even just the Ninja-themed Anime: Naruto, you’ll love this bundle. Especially as it includes all 4 of the main Ultimate Ninja STORM games.

You’ll follow the story of the cheerful ninja outcast, Naruto, as he learns to better his use of ninjutsu, uphold his ninja way, and go to incredible depths to protect his friends.

With a large and diverse roster that only grows each game (not diminishes/changes), you’ll pick your favorite ninja and go all-out on your opposition, unleashing powerful jutsu attacks as you duke it out to claim victory.

While it may be one of the more “simplistic” fighting game bundles on our list, (one button performs attacks, another throws shuriken, etc…,) don’t let that dissuade you from giving the game a chance!

You can charge Chakra at will to unleash your ultimate jutsu as many times as you want, have certain characters transform when under a certain amount of HP with “Awakening”, and even swap between two other characters mid-battle in Ultimate Ninja Storm 4!

You might need to be familiar with the anime to truly enjoy all of the game’s nuances and characters, but the games themselves are very accessible to all players, and have a more lighthearted feel with the series’ consistent use of comic relief.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite – Deluxe Edition

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/29/2020 (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 38.18GB

Sale Price: $17.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

What happens when you combine Marvel’s reknowned heroes with Capcom’s iconic gaming franchises? You get an unique tag-team based fighter that pits legend against legend.

Because of its hybrid nature, you can expect a unique storyline, create dream-team character matchups, and even form the most unlikeliest of alliances between the two universes.

Unlike its predecessors, you’ll be limited to 2 characters a fight, as opposed to three, but you’ll also get to use Marvel’s iconic Infinity Stones to give yourself an edge in battle.

Also unlike its predecessors, the game does use auto-combos, so keep that in mind if you’re opinionated on the matter.

The Deluxe Edition includes a playstation exclusive costume for Captain Marvel: “Major Carol Danvers”, and the character pass, which includes Sigma, Black Panther, Monster Hunter, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, and Venom.

If you’re interested in a tag-team fighter that collides some of the best characters from the Marvel Comics Universe and Capcom’s gaming classics, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite just might be the game you’re looking for!

Dragon Ball FighterZ – Ultimate Edition

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/29/2020. (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 4.15GB

Sale Price: $27.49 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

Dragon Ball has to be one of the most well-known and beloved anime shows out there, and the franchise is no stranger to fighting games at all.

Enter Dragon Ball FighterZ, a 2.5D fighting game that captures the look and feel of the world-famous anime, while also adding elements and characters from the new and ongoing Dragon Ball Super story arc.

In FighterZ, you’ll uncover a brand-new story, split into three scenarios, and learn about Android 21, a new character developed specifically for the game.

Matches consist of tag-team 3v3 fights with characters spanning Dragon Ball Z, Super, and even GT, while sprinkling in flashy attacks and the occasional nod to some of the most iconic matchups you can recreate in-game.

The game is a visual treat for sure, and it really is fun, but it also stands out as a game that not only uses auto-combos, but seems to actively encourage their use.

By continuing to mash the light or medium attack buttons, your character will seamlessly crouch, jump, connect different moves, and in essence, play themselves with no other input needed for the duration of the combo.

Doing so also generates a Dragon Ball, and with 7 of these, just like the anime, you can make a wish to give yourself an advantage in battle.

While I understand the need to make the game accessible for beginners and casual players of the fighting game genre, there isn’t a way to turn it off, even in online matches, and it just cheapens the experience in my opinion.

Mini-rant aside, the game is a great experience for fans of the Dragon Ball series, and the DLC offers continously exciting editions to the roster.

Included in the Ultimate Edition is the Anime Music Pack, Commentator Voice Pack, the game itself, and 8 characters from the FighterZ pass. The bundle doesn’t explicitly say who the characters are, though, and there are 15 DLC Characters to date.

There’s also another wave of DLC in the works, too, so you’ll need to consider an additional purchase if you want all of the diverse cast of fighters planned for FighterZ.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition

Sale Duration: 04/15/2020 – 04/29/2020. (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 53.61GB

Sale Price: $19.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

One of Playstation’s most beloved series, Spider-Man games are usually a blast to play, and the PS4 Release of Marvel’s Spider-Man is no exception.

You’ll play as everyone’s favorite web-slinging superhero, navigating an open-world environment based on New York, and experience a completely unique story story arc that’s as gripping as it is unpredictable.

But the game has more to offer than just its story. When you need a break from game’s campaign, there are plenty of collectibles to find, factions to beat down, and citizens that need help from the friendly neighborhood web slinger!

You can also unlock different costumes for Spider-Man as well throughout the game. These costumes aren’t just cosmetic: most of them have unique powers to aid you in combat, and you can swap out these powers to best suit your needs!

Spidey also has some neat gadgets at his disposal, too! You can employ a Spider Drone to aid you in taking out groups of baddies, fire off heavy duty impact webs to instantly immobilize certain enemies, and even make use of Spider-Man’s reknowned verbal quips!

But we would be remiss to not mention the Game of the Year content included in this bundle.

The Game of the Year edition also includes the complete “The City That Never Sleeps” DLC pack, which adds three new story chapters, additional suits, missions, and challenges, and new enemy factions to take down.

Kingdom Hearts All-in-One Package

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/29/2020. (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 112.34GB

Sale Price: $29.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

As a Kingdom Hearts fan, I can proudly say that this is both an incredible bargain, and the absolute best way to get into the series!

In the Kingdom Hearts series, you’ll play as Sora, a young boy who values friendship more than anything, who has been entrusted with a Keyblade, and sets off on adventures through Disney worlds, fighting off Heartless and preserving the natural order of countless Disney classics.

But Disney is only one half of the equation that makes the Kingdom Hearts series so special. It also includes characters and storytelling from Square Enix, best known for the Final Fantasy series.

And as far as the All-in-One package goes, this one game bundle includes the entire Kingdom Hearts series to date! That’s 10 titles, (3 of which are rendered cutscenes), and 7 full games, including the recent Kingdom Hearts 3.

If you love RPGs, are fond of Disney movies and stories, and love the characters and twists Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series brings to the table, Kingdom Hearts is a must-have game series, and this bundle for this price (10 entries for $30) is amazing.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Ultimate Edition

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/29/2020. (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 47GB

Sale Price: $29.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

Of all of the deals going on, this one might just take the cake.

The Assassin’s Creed series is best known for its recreation of history’s most remarkable events, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is no different, taking place during Greece’s Peloponnesian War (Sparta vs. Athens).

You’ll experience the story of either Kassandra or Alexios (your choice), as they go from outcasts at the fringe of Greek society, to legends who play instrumental roles in shaping history itself.

The game uses a large open-world environment, a loot system similar to the likes of Destiny, and even skill trees with unlockable perks and bonuses to further enhance your characters’ abilities.

And the amount of content in this bundle is simply insane. You’ll get the Deluxe Edition Kronos & Herald of Dusk Packs, Capricornus Naval Pack, and XP & Drachma Boosts, and the Season Pass content: “Legacy of the First Blade” and “The Fate of Atlantis”.

Also included in the season pass are another two Assassin’s Creed games as well: Assassin’s Creed III Remastered, and Assassin’s Creed Liberation Remastered.

If you’ve been on the fence about the Assassin’s Creed Series, or on Odyssey itself, this sale gives you the perfect way to test the waters at a low price. The generous inclusion of Assassin’s Creed 3 and Liberation also ensures you’re getting two other games for the $30 price tag.

SoulCalibur VI Deluxe Edition

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/29/2020. (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 10.3GB

Sale Price: $26.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

The SoulCalibur series is one of the more unique fighting games around, being a weapon-based brawler where knocking your opponent out of the ring is a both valid and a viable combat strategy.

It also happens to consistently feature new guest characters each game, too, with Geralt from The Witcher series being a fully playable fighter this time around.

In SoulCalibur, the story revolves around two legendary swords, SoulCalibur, and Soul Edge, that are believed to be able to grant their wielders any wish they desire.

Because of this belief, many people seek out Soul Edge, for a variety of different reasons. The resulting clash over who finds the sword, and what they plan to do with it, is the heart of the series itself; Every playable character in the game has their own motives for wanting to find Soul Edge.

From a gameplay standpoint, each character has their own fully unique moves and skillsets, and breaking your opponent’s armor has become a series staple.

From a story standpoint, the game acts as a reboot in the series, taking place in an alternate timeline from the previous games.

From my standpoint, the game is a welcome return to a beloved series, and nothing quite matches the satisfaction of knocking your opponent off the stage for a guaranteed victory.

The game also features a robust character creator, where you can choose from a list of 16 different races (Humans, Lizardmen, Automaton, etc…), adjust their height and build, and then take them into regular battles, or, make one and experience a seperate story mode capaign, “Libra of Soul”.

The deluxe edition includes Tira, 2B (from Nier: Automata), Amy, and Cassandra, as well as Character Creation Sets A and B to add even more options to the character creator.

This bundle does not, however, include the 2nd season pass, so a seperate purchase would be required for the extra content it provides.

Tekken 7 – Ultimate Edition

Sale Duration: 04/01/2020 – 04/29/2020. (EXPIRED)

Required Storage: 41.6GB

Sale Price: $24.99 USD

Note: This deal has EXPIRED as of April 29, 2020.

Tekken, another legendary fighting game series, makes a splash onto the 2020 Spring Sale.

Following the events of Tekken 6, the world is still reeling from the war between G Corp and the Mishima Zaibatsu.

A reporter who lost both his wife and child to the crossfire of the war seeks to write an exposé on the warring entities, and begins researching the Mishima family for clues.

Discover the truth about the mysterious “Devil Gene” that plagues the Mishima bloodline, as well as other secrets behind the family heritage.

Included in the Deluxe edition are the full game, two season passes, a bowling mini-game, and a character sold seperately from all other DLC packs. You’ll be getting 9 characters altogether:

  1. Eliza
  2. Noctis Lucis Caelum (Guest character from Final Fantasy XV).
  3. Geese Howard (Guest character from the Fatal Fury series).
  4. Anna Williams
  5. Lei Wulong
  6. Marduk
  7. Armor King
  8. Julia
  9. Negan (Guest character from The Walking Dead)

A new, third Season Pass is currently available for the game as well, but it is not included with the Ultimate Edition of the game. A separate purchase is required for all of the game’s DLC.

While I personally liked Tekken 7, the fighting in the Tekken series may feel a bit too stiff or slow for some people’s tastes. My advice would be to watch gameplay videos to see if you’re interested in the pacing of the game’s fights.

Other Sales

While I’ve covered briefly what I feel are the best deals in the Spring Sale, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other deals that you might be interested in!

You can check out the entire catalog on the online Playstation Store, or browse the deals directly from your PS4 itself!

Update: As of April 29th, 2020, this sale has officially ended. The link mentioned above may be expired, as will all of its deals.


Were you happy with the selection of deals in the 2020 Spring Sale? Which ones were you most excited for? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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