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Astral Chain is home to a slew of collectibles, but none are as wacky as the toilet paper collectibles, scattered across toilets all throughout the game! (Yes, you read that right; collectable TP!)

In this toilet location guide for Astral Chain — (which I cannot believe I’m writing about) — you’ll discover where to find each file’s toilet, (which looks more like a port-a-potty than anything), and collect toilet paper to help a mythical toilet faerie find sweet release! (It’s a long story…)

If that wasn’t reward enough, you’ll also receive an exclusive costume for helping out, but not before you get that TP!

Let’s not clog up the intro though. Read on to find each toilet, or urinal lot of trouble!

…alright, no more potty humor. The jokes are all flushed out anyways… I’ll show myself out.

Note: you can abandon any revisited cases after using the toilets, and keep all progress earned from doing so. Playing a case/file to the end is not necessary!

Neuron HQ

The toilet's location in Neuron HQ.
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Neuron’s own HQ is home to a traditional bathroom, and it can be found directly across from the break room.

Depending on your character’s gender, you’ll be restricted to using a particular side of the restrooms, but you can find Bel, the toilet faerie, regardless.

Bel will be trapped in a closed stall, while the stall next to it is usable. Using the toilet here will cause you to receive your first set of toilet paper, and also unlock a custom color palette for your player character.

You’ll need to return here with all of the TP to set Bel free, so remember to come back afterwards!

And don’t forget: Using each toilet completes an individual “Nature Calls” order, and freeing Bel completes the “Sweet Release” order. You’ll have to manually turn these in from the Orders menu of the Legatus to claim their rewards.

Received: Tissue

Order reward: Equipment Color+ x1

File 1

Nearest Chapter: Forecast

The toilet's location in File 1.
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The very first toilet is arguably the most well-hidden of the entire game, and yes, it appears during the starting tutorial, too.

From the Forecast chapter of file 1, your character will ride onto the scene from a motorcycle, and you’ll be given free control of your character afterwards.

Don’t go too far, though. The port-a-potty here is behind the GOL Logistics truck, and next to the P.S.L. Line Megacarrier truck. It’s on the inaccessible other lane of the highway, past the divider, and laying flush against the ground.

Walking on the pile of uprooted cement should give you the prompt to obey nature’s call.

Received: Antiseptic Wipes

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

A different view of File 1's hidden toilet.
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Side note: I genuinely have to applaud Akira’s commitment to hygiene here.

There may be an Aberration outbreak going on, and their twin might need help, but Akira will scale a highway divider, cross a flaming wreckage, and find a way to use that sideways port-a-potty.

When nature calls, sometimes you just have to answer. And by any means, apparently…

File 2

Nearest Chapter: Sortie

The toilet's location in File 2.
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On this File, you’ll start off in Zone 36: Grand Avenue, and will have to investigate a potential chimera-related kidnapping. You won’t get access to the toilet until you help with the investigation.

To gather all of the clues you need, you’ll need to eavesdrop on the skeptical and resentful police officers with your legion, and clean up the red-matter on the giant chimeric handprint on the ground.

The player character getting a running start to slide under the roller door in File 2's parking garage.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

Report to Max with your findings. Afterwards, you’ll have to follow the Chimera Tracks from the handprint, which lead to the parking area.

Here, opposite of the parking area exit, a partially open overhead/roller door can be seen, with the word “destroy” graffiti-painted on it. Slide or crouch under the door, where the toilet will be along the top left corner.

Received: Tarp

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 3

Nearest Chapter: Assault

The toilet's location in File 3.
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At the start of this file’s Chapter, you’ll exit a Gate, and immediately be thrust into protecting three civilians from waves of abberations and a chimera.

After you’ve defeated the waves of enemies, walk straight ahead through the infirmary, and into a closed off portion of the area. You should see a double diamond pattern of red matter on the ground.

A little off to the left of this pattern, is a partially opened roller door. Crouch or slide under this door to enter an interior building, complete with a small hallway, and an open door to a proper bathroom.

Don’t expect a porcelain throne, though. The future is port-a-potty!

Received: Dead Leaves

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 4

Nearest Chapter: Infiltration

The toilet's location in File 4.
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From this chapter, you’ll be treated to a scene where Neuron stages a raid on Ark Mall. You’ll then join the raid yourself. Proceed onward as usual, until you wind up separated from your unit.

Now, alone on the spiral staircase, continue to the mall’s second floor, where you’ll first see the mysterious tentacles, and walk through into the narrow emergency exit corridor.

In here, where the corridor has a small storage area to the right, there will be a supply crate in the front, and the port-a-potty further in the back.

Received: Old Flyer

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 5

Nearest Chapter: Explosion

The toilet's location in File 5. A small detour into a blue case is mandatory before reaching this toilet.
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Getting to this toilet requires a brief detour into a related Blue Case.

Once you’ve entered the Harmony Square Station, you’ll meet up with Alicia, who’ll follow you briefly until you reach the Yellow Line Platform.

A police officer will hand you a gas mask, and tell you and Alicia that people are trapped in the station, triggering the “Out From the Smoke” Blue Case.

The toilet for this file is found fairly deep in the station platform, but Alicia will stop you from going further if you haven’t rescued the Shaken Woman and the Injured Man.

The Injured Man can be found near the platform stairs,

While the Shaken Woman is trapped in a train, requiring the Arm Legion to pry the doors open, and the Arrow Legion to shoot past lasers and kill a laser generator’s body.

After you’ve escorted the two back to the station entrance, you’ll be able to go deeper into the station, and directly to the next toilet.

Starting from the escalators and staircase at the back (start) of the station platform area, walk along the left rails of the platform, and walk over the debris to return to the platform.

The derailed train in File 5 leads straight to the file's hidden toilet.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

You’ll then have to pass the two new Support Officers, and head to the top right corner of the area, where a derailed train connects the upper and lower levels.

Once you’ve evaded the lasers throughout the train, you should be able to walk in a straight line down to the toilet here.

Received: Subway Schedule

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 6

Nearest Chapter: Break-In

The Hermit Brochure is the toilet paper for File 6, and picking it up counts as using the toilet.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

Ok, there’s good news, and then there’s bad news about this toilet. It’s incredibly tricky.

The good news, is that this toilet is by far one of the quickest to access, and is actually a proper toilet!

A metal grate seperating the player from the "toilet paper."
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

The bad news, is that you aren’t able to physically access it per se. You’ll be above the toilet, in a ventilation shaft.

From the very start of this chapter, you’ll be facing away from an apparently sturdy grate, with a dropped item plainly visible. Looks are deceiving here, as you can turn around and bump into the grate a few times to knock it down.

The dropped item here is the toilet, as far as the game is concerned, but you’ll won’t be able to abort the mission until you reach the end of the ventilation system, and look down onto the floor below.

Received: Hermit Pamphlet

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 7

Nearest Chapter: Warfare

The toilet's location in File 7.
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After taking the elevator to the Rayleigh Plaza Roof, you’ll start seeing the Homunculus absorbing energy from even more chimera.

Proceed past the two Officers on Guard, and past the detached Homunculus spikes. Near the end of this path, you should see a yellow ladder to the right that leads to the Homunculus.

Don’t use that ladder. Instead, walk along the left side of the stair exit, and you should see a red light and a folded ladder, the only other ladder on this map.

Use your Arrow Legion to hit the ladder, lowering it for you to use. Then climb up to the top of the stair exit, turn the camera around behind you, and chain jump across to the nearby rooftop with Red Matter.

The toilet here is behind one of the structures at the rear of the rooftop.

Received: Emergency Blanket

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 8

Nearest Chapter: Cleanup

The toilet's location in File 8.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

This one takes a little bit of guiding and platforming to get to…

After taking the elevator to the roof of Rayleigh Plaza, (and thusly beginning your true duties in File 8,) you’ll have to pass through to the Maintenance Path to clean up the excess Red Matter.

Akira Howard about to enter a gate.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

When you arrive in the main mission area, Akira will plunge themself into the nearest gate, and casually challenge you to clear the entire area solo in 12 minutes.

Gee, thanks, Akira…

Once Akira leaves you to do the bulk of the work, stay on the starting platform, and have your legion follow the trail of Red Matter to the leftmost area of this map. Chain jump to it.

From here, you should see a supply chest next to a restricted area sign, and a tethered floating platform that your Arm Legion can move.

With your character standing on the platform, have your Arm Legion push the platform as far to the top left as possible, while avoiding the projectiles from the nearby gate.

A series of floating platforms behind the pillar in File 8.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

If done right, you should be behind one of the giant metal pillars, and approaching an inaccessible area of the map. Turn the camera a bit to discover two more floating platforms on the other side of the pillar, and have your legion move the closest platform, and pull you to it with a chain jump.

The toilet should be isolated by itself in the center of this last platform. Simply chain jump to it, handle your business, and repeat the process back to return to the cleanup challenge. Hopefully Bel isn’t too picky about the “toilet paper.”

Received: Dirty Rag

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 9

Nearest Chapter: Alert

The toilet's location in File 9.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

Once you’ve prepared to set off and search for Jena, you’ll be flown out to Zone 33: Harmony Square.

As soon as you can control your character, walk to the left from the drop-off point, and past the Harmony Media Center building.

When you get close enough, you will see a watchful officer assisting an injured man, and Olive will call to notify you of gates appearing in the area.

Walk past the gate straight ahead of you, and to the side of the fenced off scaffolding is this file’s toilet.

Received: Wet Tissue

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 10

Nearest Chapter: Restless

The toilet's location in File 10.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

In the sewers, after draining the water, and completing the Red Case: “Threading the Needle”, Olive will begin following you.

Walk all the way across to the end of the sewer, and the port-a-potty will be in the top left corner.

If you’re starting from the Restless chapter of this file, you will start with the toilet visible on screen.

The TP you’ll be using is a little too coarse, but if it works…

Received: Sandpaper.

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

File 11

Nearest Chapter: Laboratory

The toilet's location in File 11.
© 2019 Nintendo / PlatinumGames Inc.

After arriving at the ARI by helicopter, walk towards the main entrance of the research facility, but take the side stairs down. The port-a-potty will be in the middle of the walkway.

Received: Optical Camo Paper

Order reward: Common Material Code x3

Well, that’s all of the hidden toilets in Astral Chain! Don’t forget to return to Bel in Neuron’s HQ for your reward!

Enjoyed the guide? Don’t be a party pooper! Leave a comment below if you found the guide helpful or entertaining, or if you have any suggestions as to how this post could be improved! I’d love to hear it!

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