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After completing the main campaign of The World Ends With You, players will be freely allowed to play any chapter of their choosing, as well as complete optional chapter objectives.

One of the more common objectives tasks players with finding and defeating hidden boss noise through their boss noise symbols.

With my The World Ends With You boss noise location guide, you’ll be sure to find every boss noise symbol for each version of the game, including the Switch exclusive Final Remix version.

So, whether you’re in for the game’s Secret Reports, or just want to clean up your Noise Report, take it easy, and use this guide to find ’em all!

Week 1

Week 1 marks the start of the Game, where Neku first learns about the Reapers’ Game.

There are 5 boss symbols in the first week: No. 88, No. 80, No. 87, No. 90, and No. 91.

Week 1, Day 3

No. 88: Vespertilio Canor

Boss Noise No. 88 Location

Location: Concert Stage

Bottom Left corner of the Concert Stage in A-East.

You will start in this area, so the only thing you have to do is find Shiki, and scan the bottom left of the area!

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: 10,000 Yen – 20.00%
Hard: Pteropus – 1.00%
Normal: 5,000 Yen – 20.00%
Easy: 5,000 Yen – 10.00%

Week 1, Day 4

No. 80: Reaper Beat

Boss Noise No. 80 Location

Location: 104 Building

At the start of this day, Neku and the gang awaken at the 104 Building. Towards the left of the area, a scan will reveal Boss Noise Symbol No. 80 (a good source of Dark Matter on Ultimate difficulty,) along the top left portion of the 104 Building’s ad screen.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Dark Matter – 0.50%
Hard: I Live for Food – 10.00%
Normal: I Live for Food – 5.00%
Easy: Wild Boar – 5.00%

No. 87: Megumi Kitaniji

Boss Noise No. 87 Location

Location: Scramble Crossing

To get to the scramble crossing, you’ll have to talk to Beat and Rhyme, and talk with Shiki about shopping, trends, and Mr. Mew. Afterwards, you are free to leave without Shiki yelling to go shopping.

Boss Noise Symbol No. 87 can found at the bottom of the center of the Scramble Crossing.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Black Uranus – 0.13%
Hard: Me Time is Free Time – 5.00%
Normal: Mitama – 10.00%
Easy: Mitama – 5.00%

Week 1, Day 5

No. 90: Cornix Canor

Boss Noise No. 90 Location

Location: Molco

Starting at Tipsy Tose Hall, the reaper blocking the way to Spain Hill wants you to defeat two of the largest Noise Symbols in the area. Leaving the area and returning is not penalized.

Once the way to Spain Hill has been opened, a black-hooded reaper at the top of the area wants you to bring them (CD) Track 1 — “Underground”.

After this wall has been opened, near the bottom of the newly accessible Molco, the Boss Noise symbol can be found on a billboard to the left.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Brainy Cat – 1.30%
Hard: Cornix – 1.00%
Normal: Lovely Beam – 5.00%
Easy: Natural Magnum – 5.00%

Week 1, Day 7

No. 91: Ovis Cantus

Boss Noise No. 91 Location

Location: Station Underpass

Finding the Boss Noise here requires following chapter progression as normal.

From the Scramble Crossing, head for the Statue of Hachicko, fight in a 3-chain reduction in any area to appease the reaper, pass through the West Exit Bus Terminal, and into the Station Underpass.

The large boss noise symbol can be scanned for near the end of the Station Underpass.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Stalwart as the Mount – 0.13%
Hard: Ovis – 0.44%
Normal: 10,000 Yen – 20.00%
Easy: 5,000 Yen – 20.00%

Week 2

Week 2 is notable for providing backstory on the Game, and learning some of it in a behind-the-scenes way.

There are 5 boss symbols in the second week: No. 86, No. 44, No. 82 and 84 (treated as one symbol), No. 22, and No. 92.

Week 2, Day 2

No. 86: Sho Minamimoto (Taboo)

Boss Noise No. 86 Location

Location: Tipsy Tose Hall

Scan Joshua, Defeat the Yellow Noise at the Shibu Dept. Store, and head to Molco from Cadoi City.

From here, there are two routes to the noise.

For the most direct path, bring the Black-Hooded reaper a Definitivo Chili Dog (from other chapters), to gain access to Spain Hill and Tipsy Tose Hall.

Alternatively, backtrack to the Center St. Entrance from the Scramble Crossing, and Neku will discover the wall there has been cleared.

In Tipsy Tose Hall, the boss symbol is just under Stride, the game store where Neku can play Tin Pin Slammer in other chapters.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Black Saturn – 0.13%
Hard: Dark Matter – 1.00%
Normal: Shiro – 5.00%
Easy: Shiro – 2.50%

Week 2, Day 3

No. 44: Progfox

Boss Noise No. 44 Location

Location: Miyashita Park

As part of your “mission,” you will have to head to Cat Street in 15 minutes.

A reaper in Cadoi City wants you to erase three medium noise symbols, and a reaper at the Park Underpass wants you to bring him a Pop Pendulum.

At the middle of the Miyashita Park bridge, the boss noise symbol will be on the yellowish Japanese sign.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Tektite – 20.00%
Hard: Whirligig Juggle – 5.00%
Normal: Teleport Warning – 10.00%
Easy: 1,000 Yen – 20.00%

Week 2, Day 5

No. 82 and No. 84: Uzuki Yashiro (Beserk) and Koki Kariya (Beserk)

Boss Noise No. 82/84 Location

Location: Udagawa Back Streets

Due to Uzuki Yashiro and Koki Kariya’s interference, you’ll have to clear a long, drawn-out set of objectives on route to Hanekoma’s Cafe, before being able to reach the boss noise symbol in Udagawa.

After making D+B the most trendy brand in the Scramble Crossing, Bringing the Shibu Dept. Store reaper a bowl of Shio Ramen, passing the ramen-themed Reaper Review, making Neku wear Mus Rattus threads from head to toe, playing a game a Tin Pin Slammer (win or lose), and reducing noise with a reaper’s choice of pins, you’ll finally be able to reach Mr. H’s cafe on Cat Street.

However, by merely entering CAT Street, all of the walls will be taken down, allowing for free roam of Shibuya. Make your way to Udagawa’s Back Streets, where the boss symbol can be found at the entrance, and leads to this dual boss battle.

This noise symbol can be seen immediately upon area entry with a scan.

Notes: As annoyingly convoluted as this may be, sometimes, you can luck out, and D+B may already be the most popular brand in the Scramble Crossing. You can also plan ahead, and have at least one bowl of Shio Ramen at all times, and have Neku wear Mus Rattus threads in advance.

Even though Kariya will tell you that his game has ended at Miyashita Park, the walls leading to Tipsy Tose Hall will still be up until you enter the CAT Street area.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Lefty Cat – 1.30%
Hard: Lapin Angelique – 0.50%
Normal: Lolita Bat – 15.00%
Easy: 10,000 Yen – 20.00%

Week 2, Day 6

No. 22: Grindcore Minks

Boss Noise No. 22 Location

Location: AMX

At the start of the chapter, Neku and Joshua will have a falling out, and recieve a proper mission mail.

Taking the only route open to the Center St. Entrance, you will be attacked by Taboo Noise. From there, upon entering AMX, a reaper will be attacked by Taboo Noise as well, and you will be given a choice to help or leave the reaper to fend for himself.

Regardless of your choice, the boss noise is at the bottom of the center of AMX.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Tektite – 20.00%
Hard: Mink – 0.30%
Normal: Frantic – 5.00%
Easy: 5,000 Yen – 20.00%

Week 2, Day 7

No. 92: Leo Cantus

Boss Noise No. 92 Location

Location: Shibukyu Main Store

Like Day 6, walls are set up to only allow for one route of passage. Head for the 104 Building, and then for the Shibukyu Main Store to the right.

The Boss Noise Symbol is on the tip of the straight/up lane arrow.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Fierce as the Flame – 0.13%
Hard: Leo – 0.33%
Normal: Go 2 Hell – 10.00%
Easy: Wonder Magnum – 5.00%

Week 3

Week 3 is where the stakes are highest, and the Game comes to a rousing conclusion. Rebellion is rampant!

There are 7 boss symbols in the third week: No. 81, No. 83, No. 66, No. 89, No. 47, No. 93, and No. 94

Week 3, Day 1

No. 81: Uzuki Yashiro (left of moyai)

No. 83: Koki Kariya (right of moyai)

Boss Noise No. 81 and 83 Location

Location: West Exit Bus Terminal

After Neku awakes in the Scramble Crossing, you’ll have to head to the Statue of Hachicko, where you’ll then learn that the final Game is rigged. Fortunately, Neku is able to make a pact with Beat, allowing the Game to continue.

After defeating the two frog noise, you’ll be rushed into the West Exit Bus Terminal.

The two boss noise symbols here are on the left and right of the moyai.

Items and Drop Rate (No. 81):

Ultimate: Big Bang – 1.30%
Hard: The Eyes Have It – 5.00%
Normal: Hounder Magnum – 7.50%
Easy: 5,000 Yen – 10.00%

Items and Drop Rate (No. 83):

Ultimate: Big Crunch – 1.30%
Hard: Walk On, Walk Off – 5.00%
Normal: Bear Hug Magnum – 10.00%
Easy: 5,000 Yen – 15.00%

Week 3, Day 2

No. 66: Woolly AOR

Boss Noise No. 66 Location

Location: Scramble Crossing

This boss noise symbol is thankfully very quick to get to.

Starting off in the Scramble Crossing, walk across from the 104 Building to the bottom of the crossing, and scan to reveal this boss noise.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Spider’s Silk – 6.00%
Hard: Spider’s Silk – 3.00%
Normal: Cosmic Pull – 5.00%
Easy: 10,000 Yen – 15.00%

Week 3, Day 3

No. 89: Pteropus Canor

Boss Noise No. 89 Location

Location: Concert Stage

Top Left Corner of the Concert Stage in A-East.

Neku and Beat awaken in the scramble crossing again, confused as to how the prior day ended, and wanting an easier way to reclaim Beat’s Pin.

Uzuki, substituting for the Game Master, offers the two a simpler mission: successfully win Reaper Sport 4.

Resolved to complete the sport for an easier win, the two set off to have someone play Reaper Creeper. “Shrimp”, Makoto’s Boss, is the perfect person for the job.

After “talking” to Shrimp, you’re then free to head to A-East from the 10-4 Building, and through Dogenzaka, to reach the boss noise symbol.

Like its kin, this boss noise symbol is found in the dark Concert Stage of A-East, but at the top left of the area, instead.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Righty Cat – 1.30%
Hard: Pteropus – 5.00%
Normal: 10,000 Yen – 20.00%
Easy: 10,000 Yen – 10.00%

Week 3, Day 5

No. 47: Goth Metal Drake

Boss Noise No. 47 Location

Location: Dogenzaka

From the Scramble Crossing, make your way to Dogenzaka. There are no walls preventing you from making your preferred route of choice, so this symbol can be found relatively quickly.

The boss noise symbol can be found on the sign of a closed storefront (i.e., Shadow Ramen). Taboo Noise are close to this noise symbol, so be quick, or prepare in advance!

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Black Mars – 0.13%
Hard: Pegaso – 1.00%
Normal: Her Royal Highness – 3.00%
Easy: 10,000 Yen – 20.00%

Week 3, Day 6

No. 93: Tigris Cantus

Boss Noise No. 93 Location

Location: Statue of Hachiko

This boss Noise Symbol is fairly quick to reach.

Starting from the Scramble Crossing, simply head to the Statue of Hachiko. There are no walls to impede your movement.

Once you enter the Statue of Hachiko area, the boss noise symbol will be found directly on Hachiko.

This boss is amongst the most frustrating to fight, as there are quite a few unique gimmicks involved in the fight.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Swift as the Wind – 0.13%
Hard: Tigris – 0.22%
Normal: Creepy Weepy Barrier – 15.00%
Easy: Creepy Weepy Barrier – 5.00%

Week 3, Day 7

No. 94: Anguis Cantus

Boss Noise No. 94 Location

Location: Rubicon

This Boss Noise Symbol lies beyond the Station Underpass, and into the “River of Shibuya“.

Aside from forced random encounters, there are no obstacles between starting at the Scamble Crossing, and heading to the Station Underpass, where the Trail of the Sinner leads to the Rubicon.

Unfortunately, this boss symbol can only be accessed after defeating Konishi’s Noise form.

Once she has been defeated, just past the bridge that appears, a scan will reveal the boss noise symbol.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: Hushed as the Wood – 0.13%
Hard: Anguis – 0.11%
Normal: Hip Snake – 10.00%
Easy: Hip Snake – 5.00%

A New Day (Final Remix Only)

Exclusive to the Final Remix version of The World Ends With You, Neku finds himself back in Shibuya’s Realground… right?

There are 3 boss symbols in A New Day: No. 102 and 103 (treated as one symbol), No. 104, and No. 105.

A New Day 1

No. 102 and No. 103: Uzuki Yashiro (Expert Mode) and Koki Kariya (Expert Mode)

"Boss Noise No. 102/103 Location

Location: Shibukyu Main Store

For the “expert” version of the Reapers’ Game, Neku and Beat are tasked with escaping Shibuya, a task that proves difficult, as areas don’t connect up as they have before.

Like, for example, instead of going directly to the 104 Building as usual from the Scramble Crossing, you will instead go to the Shibukyu Main Store.

For this boss symbol, you’ll actually need to go to what should be the 104 Building, to wind up at the Shibukyu Main Store.

From here, walk to the top right corner of the area, where the boss symbol is under the Shibukyu sign, and to the left of the Book 3rd banner.

This boss symbol disappears when you successfully reach Udagawa’s Back Streets, as doing so triggers part 2 of A New Day.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: WITCHCRAFT – 10.00%
Hard: WITCHCRAFT – 2.00%
Normal: Orichalcum – 10.00%
Easy: Rubellite – 15.00%

A New Day 2

No. 104: Dissonance Shark

Boss Noise No. 104 Location

Location: Center St. Entrance

Starting from the Udagawa Back Streets, you’ll need to go to Dogenzaka, Tipsy Tose Hall, Miyashita Park Underpass, AMX, and finally, the Center St. Entrance.

It sounds complicated of a route, but you’ll honestly reach the Center St. Entrance by continuing to the right of Udagawa’s Back Streets onwards.

The Boss Noise symbol is between the two sets of flags that hang from the street lights.

If you’re playing from the start of A New Day on a second playthrough, you’ll have to Reach Udagawa’s Back Streets first, then backtrack to the Center St. Entrance. The boss symbol will not appear until this happens.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: METTAZASHI – 15.00%
Hard: METTAZASHI – 2.50%
Normal: Shadow Matter – 0.50%
Easy: Morganite – 20.00%

A New Day 3

No. 105: Dissonance Tapir

Boss Noise No. 105 Location

Location: Scramble Crossing

From this chapter, you are freely able to backtrack all the way to the Scramble Crossing, where the boss symbol is.

To get to the Scramble Crossing from here, you’ll have to go down from the 104 Building into Spain Hill, then down into Towa Records, which leads back to the Scramble Crossing.

Once you’ve navigated through the scambled Shibuya into the Scramble Crossing, the final boss symbol will be on the bottom left corner, on the sidewalk.

Items and Drop Rate:

Ultimate: KATON NO JUTSU – 15.00%
Hard: KATON NO JUTSU – 2.50%
Normal: Dark Matter – 0.50%
Easy: Taaffeite – 20.00%

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