Fall Guys – The Yeetus Clan Trials Event


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Fall Guys‘ meme-centric Yeetus Clan Trials event is live across all platforms!

Do you have what it takes to prove yourself worthy to join their fabled ranks? Read on, and yeet yourself to earn some sweet swag!

Event Overview

The Yeetus Clan Trials event is played entirely through the newly added Clan of Yeetus show, which tasks players to win three consecutive race rounds.

What makes Clan of Yeetus unique, however, is that the courses are all timed, and now have numerous Big Yeetus hammers throughout to hurl beans across at breakneck speeds.

Courses have also been renamed for the show, too, the modified courses of Hit Parade, Door Dash, Wall Guys, and Ski Fall have been renamed to Yeet Parade, Door Yeet, Wall Yeet, and Ski Yeet, complete with new descriptions.

Lastly, the Clan of Yeetus show does not have any limits on qualification, meaning, all players who reach the goal in time will qualify for the next round. Or in the case of the Finals, all players who reach the end of the final round win the show!

This makes the Clan of Yeetus show the least competitive, and most accessible show in the game, and an easy way to earn crown shards, at 10 crown shards per win.

Anybody can play, and everybody can win, provided they reach the goal in time!

Event Duration

The Yeetus Clan Trials event runs from July 28th, 2022 at 4AM ET to August 2nd, 2022 at 4AM ET.

All players must complete the Event Challenges and claim their rewards while the event is active to keep them.

Two sets of featured items have also been added to the store, and will be removed from the store at the event’s completion.

Event Challenges

In typical Fall Guys fashion, The Yeetus Clan Trials is not without its share of challenges for players to complete.

Each completed challenge is worth 100 points, and by completing all 10 of the challenges, players can earn all of the event’s exclusive rewards, and show off their Yeetus Clan swag.

The event challenges are:

  • Give it your all in Clan of Yeetus (Play the Clan of Yeetus show, once.)
  • Get hit by Yeetus Hammers in Clan of Yeetus (15 times.)
  • Be airborne for 20 seconds in Clan of Yeetus
  • Fly at top speed in Clan of Yeetus (3 times).
  • Reach the Final Round in Clan of Yeetus (3 times.)
  • Reach Round 2 in Clan of Yeetus (4 times.)
  • Get hit by Yeetus Hammers in Clan of Yeetus (30 times.)
  • Be airborne for 50 seconds in Clan of Yeetus
  • Fly at top speed in Clan of Yeetus (5 times.)
  • Win the Clan of Yeetus show (3 times.)

Event Rewards

For those who have committed themselves to the art of yeeting by completing the event challenges, the Yeetus Clan will bestow upon thee the following rewards:

Nickname: Clan of Yeetus – [100 points]

200 Kudos (free currency) – [200 points]

Nameplate: Yeetus Pass [500 points]

Pattern: Aspiring Yeeter [700 points]

Costume – Upper Body (Back): Packing Yeet [1,000 points]

Note: These rewards are not redeemed and claimed automatically, unlike Fame (seasonal) and Crown (victory) ranks, so be sure to claim your rewards while the event is active from the event page! Otherwise, they’ll be yeeted away…

Featured Store Items: Ringside Royalty & Construction Crew

Wrapping up the event, are two different sets of featured items in the store: The WWE-inspired Ringside Royalty set, and the Construction Crew set.

As a likely nod to the WWE 2022 Summerslam on July 30th, Three costumes are available to purchase based on iconic WWE wrestlers: The Undertaker, Asuka, and Xavier Woods, each for 800 Show-Bucks apiece.

Players looking to bundle and save can buy all three customers together for 2000 Show-Bucks under the WWE Royal Bundle, which also includes a trombone playing emote, and a special Celebration.

Also for sale are a few Fall Guys original costumes, directly tying into the event:

The Construction Crew section has three offerings for sale, a bundle for two construction worker costumes for 500 Show-Bucks (the Builder Bean Bundle), a Big Yeetus costume for 1200 Show-Bucks, and the Poser pattern for 200 Show-Bucks.

These store items last for as long as the event does, so be sure to make any purchases while they’re still available!


We’ve flown to the end of the Yeetus Clan Trials event! Did you enjoy the event? Are you planning on using the Yeetus Hammers in your future matches in Fall Guys? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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