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About Me (Candid Gamer)

Gaming is a passion of mine. Ever since I could hold a controller and push some buttons, gaming has become an almost integral part of my life.

Many, many years later, that hasn’t changed in me at all. Each game I played has left me with something. Whether that something was an engaging story, amazing music, a cherished memory, or even a source of friendly competition, I’ve found games can be so much more than just software.

Also, don’t be surprised if you see the ocassional dramatic flair in my writing!  Reading was another passion of mine, and you may see that reflected in some of my posts here!

Why Candid Gamer Exists

As an avid gamer, I want to make sure that whatever game I think about buying, that game will be what I expect, and will provide me the value I expect as a consumer. I’m sure you aren’t any different.

Naturally, should a game intrigue me, I take to the intenet to get a more informed opinion. Then I get to some articles or videos, and the worst happens.

If you’re reading this, you may be familiar with this phenomenon too.

I read articles or watch videos in which the creator doesn’t know the game, and hasn’t even played the game. I. Get. Furious.

“How can this possibly be an honest or trustworthy review?” I ask myself. After seeing far too many of these, I really wondered if I could do a better job myself. And thus, the seed was planted.

What really pushed the idea was one other thing, the short, abridged versions of games being pushed as a full review. Maybe the authors had enough of a readership to allow for short, brief posts, but as an outsider looking in, this wasn’t enough. And I can’t even begin to count the articles I’ve read that left me wanting more.

The idea now being in full bloom, I decided to start this blog. Readers, I’ve read lackluster content for too long, and I will challenge myself to make every post as informative as I can. This site is for gamers who want real information from a person who actually has played every game mentioned.

The Goal Of Candid Gamer

Here at Candid Gamer, I strive to do two things with every post:

1. Provide quality, detailed, and thorough articles about each title I review, and

2. To enusre my readers make the most informed decisions as to what they spend their hard-earned money on.

I understand how important your money is to you, as I personally want to get the most value out of my money on my own purchases. With that in mind, I will not review anything I have not played in some fashion or form, will not recommend anything I do not have, use, or plan to use, and will write every post with as unbiased a view as I can.

I may be a blogger, but I am also first and foremost a consumer and fellow gamer.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out!

All the best,

The Candid Gamer

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