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Abstergo’s Challenge, Fall Guys’ Assassin’s Creed-inspired crossover event has finally launched across all platforms! By the end of this guide, we’ll cover what it is, how to play it, and all of the rewards it has on offer.

And to help you stay ahead of the game, 10 advanced tips have been added for both Guardian and Thief roles in the event-exclusive “Sweet Thieves” show. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s dive right in.

Event Overview

A screenshot of the in-game Newsfeed description of the event. It lists an active event time of July 7th to July 11th.

First things first, let’s start with a brief overview.

As part of Fall Guys’ first official season, Abstergo’s Challenge is an Assassin’s Creed-inspired event, letting players earn exclusive gear from Ubisoft’s series, and introduces the limited-time game mode (called a “show” in-game) of Sweet Thieves.

In Sweet Thieves, players are divided into Guardians and Thieves, where the Guardians protect their candy from the Thieves.

Thief players can be jailed when caught by the Guardians, but in order to provide a challenge, Thieves are able to turn invisible at will to elude their pursuers. Thieves can also be freed by pressing a large button at the center of the map.

The match will continue until either all of the Thieves are jailed at once (Guardian Victory), time runs out (Guardian Victory), or the Thieves steal and deposit enough candy into their score zone (Thief Victory).

Event Duration

The event runs from Thursday, July 7th, 2022 at 4AM ET, and ends on Tuesday, July 12th, 2022 at 4AM ET.

All of the event items, as well as the store’s exclusive event premium cosmetics, will be pulled if they aren’t claimed or purchased by then, so be sure to get as much out of the event while you can!

Event Challenges

A screenshot of the 10 different challenges players must complete to earn all of the free event rewards.

Like other crossover events, the Assassin’s Creed inspired Candy Thieves show comes with 10 challenges for eager beans to complete.

Each challenge is worth 100 event points, and the missions are fixed, meaning that they cannot be swapped out or substituted in any way. The points are cumulative, and cannot be lost.

Once you’ve earned enough event points, you can claim the exclusive event rewards from the challenge page.

The challenges for the event are listed below:

  • Play as a Thief in SWEET THIEVES! (3 times, cumulative.)
  • Carry candy for 30 seconds in SWEET THIEVES! (cumulative.)
  • Press the button as a Thief in SWEET THIEVES! (1 time.)
  • Play as a Guardian in SWEET THIEVES! (1 time.)
  • As a Guardian grab Thieves in SWEET THIEVES! (5 times, cumulative.)
  • Win as a Thief in SWEET THIEVES! (1 time.)
  • Carry candy for 75 seconds in SWEET THEIVES! (cumulative.)
  • Win SWEET THIEVES (10 times.)
  • Win as a Guardian in SWEET THIEVES! (1 time.)
  • As a Guardian grab Thieves in SWEET THIEVES! (20 times, cumulative.)

Event Rewards

A screenshot showing a player earning the final event reward: The Apple of Eden backpack.

Of course, Abstergo’s Challenge in Fall Guys isn’t without its share of unique exclusive cosmetics and items.

By navigating to the event page (R1 for Playstation, RB for Xbox, or R for Switch players), players can check the event’s challenges and claim rewards exclusive to the Assassin’s Creed inspired event.

When players complete the event challenges and accumulate event points, they can then redeem rewards based on the number of points they earned. Below is a list of what players can earn.

  • Nickname: Animus Trainee [100 points]
  • 200 Kudos (Free Currency) [300 points]
  • Nameplate: Apple of Eden [500 points]
  • Pattern: Animus Synchronizing [700 points]
  • Costume – Upper Body: Apple of Eden [1000 points]

Note: unlike the standard Fame (seasonal exp.) Ranks and Crown (victory) Ranks, the event items are not claimed and redeemed automatically. Players must navigate to the event page and manually select their rewards.

And while it isn’t an event exclusive per se, it’s worth mentioning that winning each show in the event awards you with 14 Crown Shards. Crown Shards are automatically combined into a Crown at 60 shards, so for every 5 matches you win, you’ll get the equivalent of a crown!

Store Cosmetics

The game's Store page. It features costumes for Odin the All-Father, Eivor the Wolf-Kissed, and a bundle for both.

While Abstergo’s Challenge and Sweet Thieves themselves are entirely free to play, Fall Guys also sells exclusive premium skins and cosmetics to tie in with the event.

Celebrating the Assassin’s Creed crossover are two costume packs hailing from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Odin the All-Father, and Eivor the Wolf-Kissed.

You can buy each pack for 1200 Show-Bucks. (Fall Guys’ Premium currency.) You can also buy the individual top and bottom parts for 900 (top) and 600 (bottom) Show-Bucks each.

Players can also go all in and buy Eivor’s Big Bundle for 2000 Show-Bucks, which includes both costumes, and adds an exclusive emote, a Vitruvian-Man inspired nameplate, and the Animus Trainee nickname.

Do note, however, that the Animus Trainee nickname is also earned for free by getting 100 points in the event.


The loading screen for "Sweet Thieves." It tells players how to play the show as well.

To participate in the event, all players must select the event show: “Candy Thieves”, while the event is active. The show awards 14 Crown Shards per win, and is classified with the “Invisibeans” modifier.

Once a max of 12 players is reached, for three minutes, these players are then divided into two factions: Thieves and Guardians.

Thieves have the unique ability to turn invisible at any time they wish, and are charged with stealing candy from the Guardians, and depositing it into the score zone.

Invisibility is maintained as long as the thief holds the left bumper button (L1 / LB / L, depending on console,) and Candies can be grabbed by the thieves with the grab button (R2 / RT / R, depending on console.)

Guardians, on the other hand, are tasked with capturing the Thieves and putting them in jail by grabbing them. Guardians don’t have any other special abilities, and they cannot grab the candy. They instead spawn directly into the candy zones when the match starts.

When a Thief is captured, they will remain in jail until another player steps on the large button in the middle of the map to open the jail and free the thieves.

The rest of how the show is played depends on which of the factions players spawn as.

Rules for Thieves

A screenshot telling the player that they are assigned the role of a thief, and showing the location of the candy buckets that they must deposit candies in.

Thieves, you have three things going against you:

  1. You must steal 12 candies and deposit them into your score zone.
  2. You must do so before the time runs out, and,
  3. You lose the match if everyone on your team gets captured.

There’s no partial victory for keeping your team out of jail, and not one for depositing the most candies for your team.

There needs to be at least one player out of jail, 12 candies deposited total, and all within the time limit of three minutes in order for you to win.

Fortunately, what you lack in victory conditions, you more than make up for in numbers. In a full group of 12 players, there are always 8 Thieves, or twice as many thieves as there are guardians.

You also have the unique ability to go invisible at any time, allowing for some strategic and clever ways to steal some candy, should you use it well.

However, don’t get so caught up in your petty thievery and mischief that you leave your teammates in jail. Be sure to constantly check how many of your teamates are jailed, and try to free them when the button is up.

Between coordinating with your team and being vigilant in freeing your fellow thieves whenever possible, your path to victory is in being stealthy and agile, just like the Assassins would.

Rules for Guardians

A screenshot telling the player that they are assigned the role of a guardian, and showing the location of the central button that they can be pressed to release jailed thieves.

Guardians, you have more flexibility, as the only way you lose is if the Thieves deposit 12 candies before the clock ends. You don’t have to lock all the thieves up in jail, and you won’t lose just from them escaping every so often.

This also means that you can stall the time out by chasing the last few thieves you see running around, or at least try to capture thieves whenever possible to keep them from scoring.

However, should you manage to jail all of the thieves at once, you’ll win the game this way, too. so it pays to play a little aggressively here.

Just be aware that there are only 4 Guardians total in a match. You can easily be outwitted on top of being outnumbered, so keep your wits about you!

Your role is that of a defender of your candy, and aggressor towards the thieves. You’ll need a mix of stringent patrols and focused chasing to round the Thieves up one by one.

Do your best to keep the thieves away from your restricted zones, and check back on the central button often to make sure nobody’s planning a jailbreak!

Advanced Tips

If you’re an eager bean looking to learn some tips to help you stand out from the crowd, then you’re in luck! We’ve made 10 tips for Guardians and Thieves alike to help secure the candy crusade for your cause. First up: the thieves!

Tips for Thieves

A victory screen showing a Thief winning the show.

Should you ever find yourself living on the edge of sugary law and order, these tips are for you and all of your Thief allies. Stay thick as thieves!

Thief Tip #1: Invisible Theft

This is a somewhat major tip for the thieves. Not only do you have a designated button for invisibility, but any candy you carry will also turn invisibile with you!

The key here is to hold both buttons down, so it might be a weird process, but the results are worth it. Simple evasive maneuvers such as simply holding the candy while invisible is usually enough to slip past Guardians unaware.

Just make sure you don’t stick around the candy spawn, or steal a candy from right under a Guardian. Some players are wise enough to check their immediate surroundings when they see candy disappear.

Thief Tip #2: The Candy Pass

This is another major tip, and one that can ensure a very, very smooth and swift victory for the Thieves.

If you manage to successfully infiltrate the candy zones and steal a candy, you can take things further by stealthily throwing or dropping candy away from the area, and towards pathways that lead back to your score zone.

Even better, is when your fellow thieves catch on, and stealthily take the candies you throw out back to the base too.

Of course, observation is key, and this technique is best attempted when all of the guardians have left a zone exposed, and you swiftly steal all of the candy while they’re away.

Of course, if you’re feeling bold, you can also use this as a way to distract a Guardian, allowing you to make off with a different candy while they’re not paying attention. However you use it, this tip can very well be a game-changer when done properly!

Thief Tip #3: Take a Breather!

Here’s something I didn’t find out about until idling in the game. If you stop moving as a Thief, you’ll automatically turn invisible, even without pressing the button to do so.

While the uses for this are very, very niche on foot, this can be used to great effect if you climb a block to evade pursuers, or decide to stay behind enemy lines and wait for the perfect moment to take a candy away.

So take a breather and let the game help you out from time to time! It might be just the trick you need to escape or steal a candy!

Thief Tip #4: Jump and Toss the Candy!

While not a particularly advanced tip, it’s worth noting that you should always try to throw the candy at a distance, for time and safety reasons.

Even though the candy buckets are a bit hard to deposit into, with the general flat surface area, and the sloped edges, it’s still designed somewhat to naturally draw the candy into a bucket, should you give it enough momentum.

The thing is, however, there isn’t a designated throw button, so you’ll have to do one of two things: the first option is to jump and release the grab button while moving, and the second is to dive with the dive button for extra range, at the expense of longer recovery time. Either way, both involve breaking your invisibility a bit.

In any case, giving yourself the extra time and distance is almost always worth it, but for the best results, look around and make sure there  aren’t any Guardians around to notice you, first.

Thief Tip #5: Don’t Get Bumped!

Moving away from stealth-based tips, a practical tip worth mentioning is to not get bumped into. Why? Because you lose your invisibility momentarily whenever you get bumped.

This isn’t just from bouncy obstacles either, as bumping into Guardians will also make you visible, and a Guardian with fast enough reaction time can catch you and throw you in jail immediately.

Likewise, be cautious about using floor traps to toss you around, as you lose your invisibility while prone and lying on the ground. Should you find yourself uncomfortably close to a Guardian, the next tip especially is worth following.

Thief Tip #6: Run when Spotted!

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you may be discovered by a Guardian. Either they’ve bumped into you and blew your invisibility that way, or maybe you needed to jump to get unstuck somehow. Whatever the reasoning, a Guardian is likely hot on your tail, and invisibility might not always cut it.

What do you do then? Simple! Run like the wind! Remember, walking is the fastest you can move while invisible, so if you need to elude pursuers, a clean, swift run might be just the thing you need.

Best case scenario, your pursuer might get bored or feel pulled to something else, eventuallyletting you slide. Worst-case scenario, they’ll chase you until they catch you, or you give them the slip somehow.

At moments like this, now would be the time to use the floor traps to catapult you ahead. Just be sure there aren’t any Guardians nearby waiting to scoop you up when you land! On a similar note…

Thief Tip #7: Don’t Run at the Match’s Start

As a Thief, you have arguably the most useful ability in the entire game: invisibility. Don’t squander it by making a beeline to the Guardians’ candy uncloaked.

When you start running around, you lose your invisibility, and when you run directly towards the candy, Guardians can see you coming a mile away, without even moving, just by moving the camera. Naturally, you’ll also be one of the first players captured, too.

The trick to running is to do so when there aren’t Guardians around, or at least away from their eyesight. Otherwise you’re pretty much holding a red target in front of a bull.

Thief Tip #8: Don’t Run into Teammates When Being Chased

Another tip here that isn’t advanced, but needs to be pointed out.

While you’re being chased by a Guardian, do your absolute best to avoid bumping into your fellow thieves. You make them the collateral damage of your chase by doing so, which of course, hurts the entire team.

As a thief, you can see all of your teammates naturally, even if they’re trying to hide by staying invisible. Be courteous of their efforts and try to swerve away from your fellow thieves.

If done right, this can also allow the other thief (or thieves) to slip by entirely, and further help your candy stealing goals, similarly to tip # 10.

Thief Tip #9: Run the Roofs!

While there aren’t technically roofs in this show, the core concept is the same. In true Assassin’s Creed fashion, by climbing walls and blocks, you provide yourself a tactical advantage.

Whether you’re fleeing from Guardians, or simply darting along to the candy, it takes time for the Guardians to climb up to meet you. That’s time best spent moving towards your next destination.

If the floor is too congested and risky to use, try the tops of blocks and walls instead!

And if that wasn’t incentive enough, remember tip #3? You’ll also be invisible if you stand still on blocks, too. Sometimes this alone is enough to get a Guardian to stop chasing you and move onto something else.

Thief Tip #10: Lead a Merry Chase

This is for the brave, the bold, and the brotherhood. If you’re particularly confident in your evasive skills, you can cause a big enough distraction by simply running around and avoiding Guardians.

Just like a true Assassin Trainee in the Assassin’s Creed series, you can take a risk and dart in front of a Guardian, hopefully drawing their attention away while the rest of the team runs back and forth to their objective.

Combined with the rest of these Thief tips, you may just have what it takes to be your team’s subversive ace in the hole. Stay stealthy and work together to secure a win!

Tips for Guardians

A victory screen showing Guardians winning the show.

You are the understated. The bold. You are Guardians. And to help you keep your collective candy jars intact, we’ve taffied up some tips for you as well. These tips just might be your golden ticket to victory!

Guardian Tip #1: A Bird’s Eye View

While you may be playing the role of the Templars here (or at least their guards), and thus, don’t have Eagle Vision, you can have the next best thing: a bird’s eye view.

All of the walls and obstacles on the course are bean-sized, so by climbing the nearest block and rotating the camera around, you can stay vigilant and spot any uncloaked thieves running about that way.

Just think of it as being one of the guards conveniently stationed on rooftops. Especially if you’ve ever gotten caught by them in the Assassin’s Creed series.

Guardian Tip #2: Dive and Tackle for Extra Reach!

Capturing thieves by grabbing them might sound relatively simple, but when a thief goes into an all-out sprint away from you, it can quickly become a battle of attrition, wills, and reaction speed.

Fortunately, you can always dive and grab at the same time to give yourself that extra bit of range and reach you might need.

For those who aren’t sure how to dive, diving can be performed by pressing the square button on Playstation, The X button on Xbox, or the Y Button on the Switch. While it’s normally used in platforming and evading danger, it works extremely well for capturing thieves.

Do keep in mind that your dives leave you prone and take time to recover from, so use it sparingly, and only if you see a thief running just a small distance ahead of you.

Guardian Tip #3: Push the Candy!

As a Guardian, your biggest restriction is that you can’t grab the candies in any way. However, just because you can’t grab them, doesn’t mean you can’t push them.

By running directly into candy that has been picked up off of its spawn point, you can push them somewhat in the direction you’re moving them towards. While it may not be the most major influence, this can be useful for, say, pushing candy out of the score zone, or into a hazard to slow down any thieves.

If you need some extra oomph, you can also dive into the candy, too.

Guardian Tip #4: Set Traps For Those Pesky Thieves!

You may not have fancy powers as a Guardian, but the event stage itself has a few different ways to slow thieves in their tracks.

On the side of the map where there’s a bunch of boxes and ramps, you can grab the boxes and drag them to seal off most paths to the candy. A few extra of these boxes are located just above each candy zone as well.

As for the side with water, while there aren’t any grabbable items nearby, you can push any loose candies into the water. The slopes tend to make thieves get stuck when they aren’t moving at normal speed (i.e., are invisible), and the water itself slows thieves down, too.

As for the floor springs, you can use them to your advantage to quickly move from place to place, or if you can predict where a thief is trying to go when they use it, you can quickly run towards them and grab them while they try to climb back up.

However you decide to use them, employing a few traps can help deter theives from coming, or at least run the clock out a bit longer.

Guardian Tip #5: Stay off the Button

This is a major one. As you may already know, any thief can run towards the button in the middle and jump on it to free their captive friends. However, thieves aren’t the only ones capable of doing so, as Guardians themselves can push the button by accident and release their prisoners.

While you may feel it’s a good idea to camp out directly on the button, you’ll wind up making your enemies’ jobs easier when the button finally pops from under you and makes you free them. Try patrolling around the button instead. On a similar note…

Guardian Tip #6: Reset the Button Timer at the Start of the Match

As a Guardian, one of your most crucial duties is to capture Thieves. Thieves love to watch the button, so why not make your job easier, and press that button yourself so that it isn’t available so soon?

This tip does naturally involve a bit of risk, as you’d have to temporarily walk away from the candies, but if it means that you get to apply more pressure on the thieves at the beginning,  it may very well be worth the risk. After all, if your team happens to catch a bunch of thieves early on, the few remaining thieves will have to hide that much longer.

Guardian Tip #7: Grasping at Thin Air

A major, yet cheap tip for the Guardians. Of your many different win conditions, the quickest and easiest way to win is to jail all of the thieves. Nobody said however, that you need to see them to jail them.

While you might not be able to see any thieves that are invisible, you can certainly catch them if they’re nearby and invisible. Even if they aren’t, it doesn’t slow you down much at all to quickly try grabbing the air around you as you move about, catching any hidden thieves running around.

Of course, this isn’t without its downsides. By grabbing all the time, chances are high you’ll accidentally latch onto a fellow Guardian, slowing both you and them down in the process. Savvy thieves can see this and use this as an opportunity to boldly rush by as you awkwardly return to socially distancing yourself from your comrades.

Awkwardness aside, I will say this: please refrain from screaming “Fairies!” as you practice this in your own matches. You aren’t guaranteed to catch anyone, but it’s worth the occasional try.

Guardian Tip #8: Keep it Moving!

An unorthodox, but particularly useful tip I’d recommend is to keep moving. Why? Because any time a thief is bumped, whether by obstacles, or a Guardian like you, they temporarily lose their invisibility for the moment you bump into them.

And if you’ve ever seen this happen to you while playing, no, it wasn’t someone forgetting to hold the invisibility button down. Thieves simply become visible on contact.

You don’t necessarily need to go far to apply this tip in your matches either. Even just small circles where you stand might be enough to catch a thief off-guard and make them vulnerable. A thief could quite literally be behind your back and you wouldn’t know it!

Guardian Tip #9: Move Erratically

Following off of the above tip, whenever you’re moving about in general, if it’s in an area thieves frequent, moving around erratically can be a simple way to bump into any thieves and catch them that way.

But don’t just take my word for it. If you’ve played any stealth section in any game that has one, you know just how effective a random twist or turn can be at getting you caught. Do the same here to other real-world players and catch them in the act!

Guardian Tip #10: Don’t Abandon Your Posts!

Although capturing all of the thieves at once in a round is a valid, legitimate way to win the game, keep in mind that the only way for your team to lose is if you lose candies. So don’t make it easier for the thieves by completely abandoning your post!

It may be tempting to chase after thieves, but they also outnumber you. So while you chase after one, another could be stealing more candy from behind you.

Similarly, if nobody is patrolling the button, thieves will take advantage and press the jail button as soon as it pops up.

There’s a lot of nuance as to whether or not you need to leave your bases to chase thieves, but the general rule of thumb is to make sure there’s at least one person guarding the candy each on both candy zones, and another to periodically check around the button.

Neglecting any of these precious areas can be punishing for your team. Being vigilant in both capturing and guarding is key to a successful day’s work as a candy Guardian.


That’s all there is to know about Sweet Thieves and Abstergo’s Challenge in Fall Guys! Did you enjoy the event? Have our tips helped you stay ahead of the competition? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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