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Summer is here at last in the Northern Hemisphere, and so is Fall Guys’ Summer Squads event!

Beat the heat with this short guide to the event, and learn all about its Squad Celebration show, the event’s rewards, and even the Godzilla costumes available in the shop!

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

Event Overview

The in-game newsfeed description of the Summer Squads event.

The Summer Squads event is a small event to celebrate the summer season, and introduces a new show playlist, “Squad Celebration“.

The Squad Celebration show consists entirely of Team Rounds, in which squads must work as a team and survive rounds until one squad remains as a winner. It has a minimum player count of 12, and a maximum of 16 players per show.

The starting round of Squad Celebration is always Team Tail Tag, while the rest of the rounds are randomized.

The last team/squad standing after 3 rounds win the show!

Event Duration

The Summer Squads event runs from July 21st, 2022 at 4AM ET to July 25th, 2022 at 4AM ET.

All players must complete the Event Challenges and claim their rewards while the event is active to keep them.

During this time, two sets of featured items are also in the store, and will be removed from the store at the event’s completion.

Event Challenges

A screenshot showing the six Summer Squads event challenges.

Like all events, Fall Guys’ Summer Squads has players complete a specific set of challenges before they can earn the event’s exclusive rewards.

Unlike most events, Summer Squads only has a total of 6 challenges as opposed to 10, however, all 6 must be completed to earn the final reward. All of the challenges can be done solely through the event show as well.

The challenges are as follows:

  • Own a tail for 15 seconds in Squad Celebration
  • Be in the air for a total of 60 seconds in Any Show
  • Reach the Final Round in Squad Celebration (6 times).
  • Qualify from Team Rounds in Any Show (3 times).
  • Qualify from the first round of Squad Celebration (3 times).
  • Win Squad Celebration (3 times).

Note: Squad Celebration, despite being classified as a squads session, does not count towards the completion of any challenges for Squads Show. Players will have to complete their Daily/Weekly/Marathon challenges for the Squads Show outside of the event show.

Event Rewards

A screenshot of the final reward earned in the Summer Squads event.

Naturally, Summer Squads isn’t without its handful of exclusive rewards for players to earn.

By completing the event challenges, players can earn the following rewards:

Nickname: Fun in the Sun! – [100 points]

200 Kudos (free currency) – [200 points]

Nameplate: Summer Squads [400 points]

Pattern: Citrus Splash [500 points]

Costume – Lower Body: Stripy Belt Bag [600 points]

Note: These rewards are not redeemed and claimed automatically, unlike Fame (seasonal) and Crown (victory) ranks, so be sure to claim your summer-themed rewards while the event is active from the event page!

Featured Store Items: Toho Terrors & Top Talon-t

The Kaiju Themed Toho Terrors costumes are one of the two featured items running alongside the event.

Lastly, not just one, but two featured store items have been added to the shop for the duration of Summer Squads, The Toho Terrors, and Top Talon-t.

The Toho Terrors is a massive crossover of two Godzilla costumes, along with two other Kaiju: King Ghidorah and Mothra. All costumes can be purchased individually for 1200 Show-Bucks.

Bundle-wise, these costumes aren’t all bundled together, but instead split between the two Godzilla costumes (included in the Kaiju Combo), and Mothra and King Ghidorah (included in the Kaiju King Bundle).

Both costume bundles cost 1800 Show-Bucks apiece, however, the Kaiju King Bundle includes an exclusive nickname of “Queen of the Monsters” and a Godzilla-themed nameplate at no extra cost, while the Kaiju Combo does not.

The Hooting Headturners are the other set of featured items sold during the event.

Similarly, albeit more cute than destructive, are the Hooting Headturners, a bundle of two Owl costumes under the “Top Talon-t” section, for 800 Show-Bucks. These costumes are not sold separately, and have no extra bonuses for purchasing their bundle.

Also under Top Talon-t is the Making Waves emote for 300 Show-Bucks, and the Plastichrome color pallete for 100 Show-Bucks. These are only sold separately as well.

Players looking to acquire these vibrant costumes will have until the close of the event to make their purchases!


That’s everything involved in the Summer Squads event! Was the event as smooth as a gentle summer breeze? Or was it as convoluted for you as a midsummer night’s dream? Pull out your mini cocktail umbrellas and let’s discuss in the comments!

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