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Fall GuysSonic the Hedgehog inspired Sonic’s Adventure event has finally sped its way across all platforms!

Are you the fastest bean in the show? Or just plain too slow? Let’s break the speed of sound with this event guide!

Event Overview

Sonic’s Adventure, (not to be confused with a certain standalone entry in the Sonic series), takes place entirely in the new event show, “Gotta Go Fast!”

As part of the show, a maximum of 30 players will run about the Bean Hill Zone, a faithfully inspired copy of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, collecting rings until they acquire enough to pass the round.

Players will continue collecting rings for three rounds total, with the third being a race to collect 50 rings and win the show (and a crown)!

The event show takes around 10 minutes to complete, and the event’s challenges can all be completed within 4 playthroughs at minimum!

Lastly, the event also adds two sets of Sonic themed costumes for purchase in the store, which will be removed for sale after the close of the event.

Event Duration

Sonic’s Adventure runs from August 11th, 2022 at 4AM ET to August 15th, 2022 at 4AM ET.

All players must complete the Event Challenges and claim their rewards from the event while it lasts to keep them!

The Supercharged Offers added to the shop will also be removed after the event, so be sure to purchase them before they leave!

Event Challenges

As per Fall Guys tradition, Sonic’s Adventure tasks players with completing a myriad of tasks before they can earn any of the exclusive event rewards within.

For each challenge completed, players will earn 100 event points. After reaching set totals of points, players can then claim items from the event page.

For Sonic’s Adventure in particular, there are 10 challenges, and all of them are to be completed in the event show “Gotta Go Fast!

The event challenges are:

  • You’re Too Slow! – Run 2000 metres in Gotta Go Fast!
  • You’re Too Slow! – Run 5000 metres in Gotta Go Fast!
  • I’m Outta Here! – Run 1000 metres in Round 1 of  Gotta Go Fast!
  • I’m Outta Here! – Run 1000 metres in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast!
  • Knock Knock! – Get Rings in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast! (30 rings, cumulative.)
  • Knock Knock! – Get Rings in Round 1 of Gotta Go Fast! (50 rings, cumulative.)
  • I’ll Do My Best! – Get Rings in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast! (70 rings, cumulative.)
  • I’ll Do My Best! – Get Rings in Round 2 of Gotta Go Fast! (120 rings, cumulative.)
  • Get A Load Of This! – Get Rings in Gotta Go Fast! (140 rings, cumulative.)
  • Get A Load of This! – Get Rings in Gotta Go Fast! (250 rings, cumulative.)

Note: As there are no challenges requiring a victory in the finals of the show, players who can reach the final in each playthrough can complete all of the challenges in as little as 4 matches!

Event Rewards

Just as there are Event Challenges in Sonic’s Adventure, so, too, are there event rewards to earn.

By speeding your way through all of the event challenges, you can earn the following rewards:

Nameplate: Sonic – [200 points]

200 Kudos (free currency) – [400 points]

Pattern: Sonic – [600 points]

400 Kudos (free currency) – [800 points]

Costume – Lower Body (Feet): Sonic Shoes [1,000 points]

Note: These rewards are not redeemed and claimed automatically, unlike Fame (seasonal) and Crown (victory) ranks, so be sure to claim your rewards while the event is active from the event page! Otherwise, you’ll drop more than just your rings!

Featured Store Items: Dynamic Duo and Eggman vs. Tails

Lastly, there’s far more than Sonic’s signature shoes to round out the event. For players willing to spend Show-Bucks, (and in turn, real-world money,) there are new Supercharged Offers available all about Sonic and company!

The first set of offers is the Dynamic Duo costume bundle, featuring costumes of Sonic the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna, for 800 Show-Bucks individually, or 1200 Show-Bucks as a bundle. Also for sale (though not bundled,) is a full costume for Super Sonic for 800 Show-Bucks, as well as the “You’re Too Slow!” emote for 400 Show-Bucks.

Lastly, a separate bundle features both Tails, and the nefarious Dr. Eggman, under the titular Eggman vs. Tails bundle. Purchased as a bundle, the two geniuses cost 1200 Show-Bucks, while purchasing them individually will cost 800 Show-Bucks each.

As tie-ins for the event, these costumes won’t be for sale forever, and will be removed from the store when Sonic’s Adventure rushes off to a new zone on August 15th, 2022. Make sure to purchase any of the costumes while the event is running if you wish to keep them!


Checkpoint! Like a blue blur, we’ve reached the end of the Sonic’s Adventure event! Did you enjoy the event? How was it like to experience a Sonic crossover event in Fall Guys in general? Let’s talk about it in the comments below.

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