Affiliate Disclosure

At TheCandidGamer, we strive to maintain honesty and transparency as much as possible.

This includes disclosing any services or partnerships that we may earn a commission from linking to.

These links are termed “affiliate links”, and we earn a commission when you make purchases from these 3rd party vendors, at no additional cost to you. For simplicity, assume any and all links on our site are affiliate links.

Affiliate Programs we Use

We particpate in affiliate programs from the following companies:


The Candid Gamer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


This blog contains DreamHost affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission if you purchase DreamHost services through my
link without any extra cost to you. This commission helps me keep the site
running. Thank you for your support!

Why we use Affiliate Links

I love my blog. I love talking about games, playing them, and even writing the content you’ve come to know and love!

But running a blog isn’t free. And as an independent blogger who does not recieve any review products or other such perks, I have to pay the costs outright for every game we currently cover, as well as all costs for maintaining and improving the site.

In order to meet these costs, as well as to continue providing our incredible content to all for free, we use affiliate links to monetize (earn money) for our site.

We hate loud, annoying, obtrusive ads just as much as you do, so we don’t use any ads on our site, aside from Amazon’s static NativeAd display. We opt instead to post affiliate links on occasion.

We want your experience on our site to be a good one! That’s why we proudly keep the site clean and as ad-free as possible!

When we Use Afilliate Links

While we do want to monetize our site, and help it to grow even further, we don’t want to go overboard on our affiliate links.

We strive to limit our use of affiliate links to 1-2 links per product, per post. (If even that many!) Our focus instead is on providing you with the content and value you trust us to provide, and linking to products we believe may best suit your needs.

We also employ Amazon’s NativeAd display on the bottom of our posts, to show you products we truly enjoy and recommend. These too, are affiliate links, but we prefer using them at the end of our posts, so that you can focus on what you came to our site for: in-depth, rockstar content.

We also don’t use affiliate links for just anything we see online. The products I link to on Amazon are those that I would strongly recommend, and have bought and enjoyed myself, unless otherwise stated.

That means we won’t refer you to something just because of the price, and we won’t refer you to anything that we personally wouldn’t consider buying ourselves.

We’re consumers, too! And just as we want to make the most informed decisions on what we buy, we also want to help you to stay informed on what we recommend.

The Nature of Affiliate Relationships

As an affiliate, I link to products and services I think you will truly enjoy and benefit from.

However, as I do not provide these products and services to you, but instead refer you to a third party that does, I have no control over the company’s practices, stock, prices, shipping, or anything similar. I also have no financial interest in the above companies, except for my role as an affiliate.

While I wish everyone a pleasant experience with the companies whom I refer to, I cannot ensure that any item or service purchased from links on will be shipped on time or packaged securely, and that you will be happy with the shipped item.

If you should have any problems with any items ordered through these links, please contact the company you completed your purchase with.

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