Fall Guys — Summer Squads Event

Summer is here at last in the Northern Hemisphere, and so is Fall Guys’ Summer Squads event! Beat the heat with this short guide to the event, and learn all about its Squad Celebration show, the event’s rewards, and even the Godzilla costumes available in the shop! Ready? Let’s dive right in! Event Overview The …

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A screenshot of the in-game Newsfeed description of the event. It lists an active event time of July 7th to July 11th.

Fall Guys — Assassin’s Creed Event Guide

Abstergo’s Challenge, Fall Guys’ Assassin’s Creed-inspired crossover event has finally launched across all platforms! By the end of this guide, we’ll cover what it is, how to play it, and all of the rewards it has on offer. And to help you stay ahead of the game, 10 advanced tips have been added for both …

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