Kingdom Hearts 3 – The Flantastic Seven


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After clearing a world’s storyline, players can revisit the world to look for one of the “Flantastic Seven.” These unique Heartless cannot be defeated by normal means, but will instead trigger mini-games, resulting in exclusive fruit ingredients.

Players looking for the flan should keep an eye out for a large fruit, cradled by an orange colored crown, both resting on a ring of whipped cream. Once found, the flan can be summoned by using the “Boinnng!” Situation Command that appears.

Complete all seven missions/minigames with 1st tier scores to earn the Flanniversary Badge and an Orichalcum+.

Cherry Flan

Sora and the Cherry Flan.
© 2019 Disney

World: Olympus

Location: Thebes / Overlook.

At the top of the Overlook. (Climb the stairs going upward from the save point.)

Strategy: As counter-intuitive as it seems, going over the speed arrows is actually the best play. The arrows not only provide speed boosts, but directional movement as well. Some will even guide you through tough steering sections.


10,000-19,999 points, Sour Cherry x1.

20,000+ points, Formchange Extender (ability), Sour Cherry x3.

Strawberry Flan

Sora and the Strawberry Flan
© 2019 Disney

World: Toy Box

Location: Galaxy Toys / Rest Area.
In front of the three vending machines.


10,000 – 16,999 points: Strawberry x1.

17,000+ points: Attraction Extender (ability) Strawberry x3.

Orange Flan

Sora and the Orange Flan.
© 2019 Disney

World: Kingdom of Corona

Location: The Forest / The Hills.
Immediately outside of the hidden pathway to/from the Tower.

Strategy: This Flan wants you to take picturesque photos of the flan, requiring 7 empty slots in the Photo Gallery.


10,000 – 22,999 points: 1x Blood Orange.

23,000+ points: Treasure Magnet (ability), 3x Blood Orange.

Banana Flan

Sora and the Banana Flan.
© 2019 Disney

World: Monstropolis

Location: The Door Vault / Upper Area.

Getting to this area is a little tricky. Starting from the Factory Basement save point, turn around and go to the Door Vault area. Next, from its lower level, go back to where all the doors are, but enter the wooden one to the left. From the Upper Area here, walk straight ahead to both a Lucky Emblem and the Banana Flan.

Strategy: Your goal is to hit as many smaller flan as possible, all while avoiding the larger flan, which is trying to eat you.

Magic commands with larger areas of effect, such as Thunder magic, can help your score skyrocket.

Do try to keep moving as much as possible though, as regular attacks and Grand Magic can leave you open. Each small flan is worth 200 points.


10,000 – 19,999 points: Banana x1.

20,000+ points: Grand Magic Extender (ability), Banana x3.

Grape Flan

Sora and the Grape Flan.
© 2019 Disney

World: Arendelle

Location: The North Mountain / Mountain Ridge.

From the Ice Palace save area, jump off the mountain by going to the left. On the snowy expanse where Marshmallow was fought, The Flan hides.

Strategy: Even though you are supposed to defeat the flan, regular attacks aren’t as effective when multiple flan spawn.

Using wide area of effect attacks, like Thunder magic, are key to getting a high score.


10,000 – 19,999 Grapes x1.

20,000+: Unison Blizzard (ability), Grapes x3.

Watermelon Flan

Sora and the Watermelon Flan.
© 2019 Disney

World: The Carribean

Location: Port Royal / Fort. In the middle of the fort.

Strategy: The goal of the minigame is to hit the flan with the cannons. During the game, a large flan will appear, going across the screen and lanes. Hitting it will cause it to explode, clearing all of the nearby flan on-screen, and will also give a large point bonus.

Should things get hectic, hitting the bell will cause the cannons to fire all at once, four times in a row.

The main challenge here lies in timing your cannon shots well.


15,000 – 29,999 points: Watermelon x1.

30,000+ points: Focus Siphon (ability), Watermelon x3.

Honeydew Flan

Sora and the Honeydew Flan.
© 2019 Disney

World: San Fransokyo

Location: The City / South District (Night).

On the circular skyscraper near the South District save point. Only appears at night.


7,500 – 13,999 Melon x1.

14,000+: Attraction Extender, Melon x3.

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