New Joy-Con Bundles Available


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In the wake of Splatoon 2’s Final Fest, Nintendo has just announced two new sets of Joycon for purchase at a later date. The first set is the familiar, but newly paired Neon Blue (L-Joycon,) and Neon Yellow (R-Joycon) controllers.

But that’s not the only set available, as Nintendo is also releasing the new color pairing of the Neon Purple (L-Joycon) and Neon Orange (R-Joycon) controllers, perfectly themed Halloween colors.

Not only are these new controllers delightfully Halloween-y, but Nintendo is also planning to release to them earlier the same month, on October 4th, 2019.

If you aren’t entirely familiar with Nintendo’s Joy-Con, these controllers work with the Switch by sliding them onto the left and right sides of the console to pair them. From there, they can be left on the system to play handheld, detached to play either tabletop or docked, or just simply passed around and played horizontally as a single controller.

Once the Joy-con have been paired, players can always substitute the individual Joy-Con from any of those in their collection, so you aren’t bound to using just the pre-packaged bundles. You can always mix it up by using the new Neon Purple with the Neon Green controller, or any other color controller you may already have.

What are your thoughts on the new bundles? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

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