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In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, while you embark on a quest for the Infinity Stones, various rifts will appear. These rifts, called Infinity Rifts, offer challenges for your party of heroes to complete, with rewards for meeting certain criteria.

This Infinity Rift guide will show where all 8 rifts appear in the story, and what trials they unlock.

To unlock Infinity mode, where further challenges and rewards await, it is necessary to interact with at least one of the rifts detailed below.

Rift 1 – Prison

Prison Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 2

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Central Courtyard

Once Sandman has been defeated, you’ll unlock a slew of heroes for the alliance, and all of the features S.H.I.E.L.D. currently has to offer at your disposal.

After discussing the alliance with Nick Fury, press onward, and you will see a large number of crates conspicuously blocking a narrow path. Clear them, and walk through to find the first of the Infinity Rifts.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Lv. 7 Ability Trial (Defeat Nebula – Gamma Rift)

Superior: Lv. 42 Boost Trial (Defeat Viking Souls & Hydra Soldiers – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 61 Countdown Trial (Wakanda: Ancient Gate – Omega Rift)

Rift 2 – Zen Garden

Zen Garden Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 3

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: City Rooftops – Hell’s Kitchen

After jumping into the Shadowland fortress, you’ll immediately find yourself in the Zen Garden. Head all the way over to the right, and on the side of the building, through the arch, is the level’s Infinity Rift.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Lv. 10 Synergy Trial (Defeat Doctor Octopus – Gamma Rift)

Superior: Lv. 43 Survival Trial (Defeat Supergiant – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 61 Rush Trial (Defeat 50 enemies or more in Wakanda – Omega Rift)

Rift 3 – Tower

Tower Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 4

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Main Laboratory Exit

Immediately after initiating the first override protocol, exit the lab, and when the path begins to split in two, turn left, and the rift should be easily visible towards the end of the corridor.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Lv. 14 Wave Trial (Defeat 200 enemies in the Kree Ship – Gamma Rift)

Superior: Lv. 44 Ultimate Trial (Sound Defeat – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 64 Ability Trial (Defeat Red Skull – Omega Rift)

Rift 4 – Rear of the Campus

Rear of the Campus Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 5

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Mansion Gates

After fighting off the 13 sentinels in front of the mansion gate, you will have to proceed through the side gardens to the rear of the mansion. While en route, you can hear Deadpool’s hit single, “Taco Night.”

When you approach the top left corner of the garden path, you will see the destroyed stone mansion fencing to the left. Walk through it, and the rift will be overlooking a small pond and a stretch of forest.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: – Lv. 21 Survival Trial (Defeat Elektra – Gamma Rift )

Superior: Lv. 47 Wave Trial (Defeat 200 enemies in Wakanda – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 65 Extreme Trial (Defeat Black Order – Omega Rift)

Rift 5 – Between Dimensions

Between Dimensions Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 6

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Columns of Chaos

After fighting the Mindless Ones with Elsa Bloodstone at the Columns of Chaos, and talking with Elsa afterwards, a warp portal will appear, taking you to the next section of the Dark Dimension. Just a short walk from here, you can see a small path to the left with the rift slightly in sight.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Lv. 25 Rush Trial (Defeat 40 enemies or more on the Raft – Psi Rift)

Superior: Lv. 48 Rush Trial (Defeat 50 enemies or more in Wakanda – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 66 Countdown Trial (Wakanda: Capital Gates – Omega Rift)

Rift 6 – Wooded Area

Wooded Area Infinity Rift

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Edge of the Jungle

Found in Chapter 8

Just past the first clearing, where some AIM soldiers are stationed, the path begins to split in two. The path on the right requires you to jump onto mossy stones, and takes you through the rest of the level. The left path is ground-level, and the rift is easily visible with a mere turn of the camera.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Lv. 36 Ultimate Trial (Kree Justice – Psi Rift)

Superior: Lv. 50 Synergy Trial (Defeat Maximus – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 69 Boss Wave Trial (Defeat Mysterio & 2 Bosses – Omega Rift)

Rift 7 – Land of the Gods

Land of the gods Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 9

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Royal Rotunda

From the S.H.I.E.L.D. point here, head down the stairs, and instead of heading deeper into the tunnels by going left, go the to the right, where the rift is floating in front of some Hydra supplies.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Level 34 Boss Wave Trial (Defeat Nebula and 2 bosses – Sigma Rift)

Superior: Lv. 52 Boss Wave Trial (Defeat Doctor Octopus and 2 bosses – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 71 Countdown Trial (Avengers Tower – Omega Rift)

Rift 8 – Spaceport

Spaceport Infinity Rift

Found in Chapter 10

Nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point: Hyperlift Exit

This Rift is by far the quickest and easiest to find from its nearest S.H.I.E.L.D. Point.

From the Hyperlift Exit, simply rotate the camera around, to where the rift can be found behind you and to the left, against the entrance wall.

Trials Unlocked:

Friendly/Mighty: Level 40 Ultimate Trial (Big Trouble – Sigma Rift)

Superior: Lv. 54 Countdown Trial (Hel – Lambda Rift)

Ultimate: Lv. 71 Countdown Trial (Shadowland – Omega Rift)

And there you have it! All 8 rifts from the game’s story mode, along with each trial the rifts unlock.

If you’ve found this guide helpful, let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re inexplicably missing a treasure or two, I’ve got you covered with a comprehensive treasure guide on where to find each one, across all of the difficulty levels.

See you across the rifts!

-The Candid Gamer

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