Celebrate Easter with Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny Day Event!


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Spring has sprung on your island at last, and along with some tropical and exotic new critters, Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Bunny Day event is hopping into place!

To commemorate the Easter holiday, not only will you find eggs in the strangest of places, but your island will be host to its very own Easter bunny!

Sound Eggs-ellent so far? Then yolk want to read all about the Bunny Day event below, and hunt down the exclusive rewards, too!

Let’s get crackin’ with all there is to know about New Horizons’ first seasonal event, shall we?

Note: this article has been updated to reflect the changes made in update 1.9.0 a.

How to Participate

Like all seasonal events, participation is entirely optional, but for this one, you might need to do some prep-work outside of the game.

According to Nintendo, via the Switch News app, you’ll have to do two things:

1., Have your game up-to-date (at least version 1.1.1 or higher),

2. Have your user profile linked to a Nintendo Account, and start the game while connected to the internet. (A one time only step.)

A lot of this may already be done, depending on your system settings. If not, you’ll need to press the + button on the game’s icon on the Home Menu, and choose “Software Update.”

he game's title screen on version 1.1.1. a.
©2020 Nintendo

When all of that is done, if your game shows “1.1.1. a” on the title screen, congrats, your game is ready to begin the festivities!

Let’s start with your island’s “cheerful” Easter bunny!

Overview: Zipper T. Bunny and The Bunny Plan

Zipper T. Bunny introduces themself.
©2020 Nintendo

Starting as soon as the first of April, you’ll see a large, yellow bunny gleefully bouncing from leg to leg in your island’s plaza.

Zipper, the aforementioned chipper bunny, is here to spread Bunny Day cheer to all of the island’s residents.

To do this, as part of their “Bunny Plan”, they’ll want you to hunt for eggs, craft with eggs, and look for DIY recipes across your island, to make a wide assortment of festive goodies.

You’ll receive a recipe for a Bunny Day bed to kick things off, and Zipper will even tease a special reward for you finding and crafting all of the Bunny Day recipes!

With that, scour your island for egg-themed message bottles, or pop down the (all too frequent) egg balloons to find your DIY recipes!

You’ll also need to look for eggs, too, which we’ll talk about now.

The 6 Types of Eggs

Zipper begins to explain the six types of event eggs.
©2020 Nintendo

During the Bunny Day event, you can find 6 different types of eggs hidden around your island.

Since Zipper’s rhyme is cryptic at best, we’ll clarify what and where they are.

The six eggs:

  • Earth Eggs
  • Stone Eggs
  • Leaf Eggs
  • Wood Eggs
  • Sky Eggs
  • Water Eggs

Earth Eggs are found in dig spots on your Island. These can be found during Mystery Tours as well. At least 5 Earth Eggs can be found on your Island every day.

Stone Eggs are found by hitting large rocks — the kind in which clay, iron nuggets, and stone can mined for daily.

Leaf Eggs are found “growing” on regular hardwood trees, and drop on the ground like fruit from a fruit tree.

Wood Eggs can be found by chopping wood from all types of trees.

Sky Eggs are carried afloat Easter themed rainbow balloons, which drop a single egg when popped. The holiday balloons can also drop Event DIY recipes, but usually drop Sky Eggs instead.

Lastly, Water Eggs can be found in bodies of water, disguised as medium-sized fish.

As a bonus, (depending on how you see it,) Stone eggs are also found more often when hitting rocks on Mystery Tours, and Wood eggs are more frequently found from hitting Coconut Trees.

Don’t worry about your character eating what sounds like incredibly inedible eggs. These are actually candy eggs, according to other Island Residents.

Event DIY Recipes

A screen showing a partial list of Bunny Day DIY recipes.
©2020 Nintendo

There are 40 event DIY Recipes to craft and collect. These recipes are made using only the 6 different event egg types, except for the final reward given by Zipper.

For your convenience, the recipes have been sorted into two categories: Zipper’s Recipes (the ones needed to receive Zipper’s surprise), and the bonus Costume recipes.

To make all of the event recipes (including costumes), you’ll need a total of 33 Sky and Water Eggs, and 34 of each other type of egg.

Zipper’s Recipes

To get Zipper’s surprise, you’ll only need to craft all of the furniture items listed below.

Zipper does not require you to craft the Bunny Day costumes, as they aren’t made using Zipper’s recipes, but are instead learned as inspiration from your Villager.

Here are all of Zipper’s Recipes, along with how I discovered them:

Bunny Day bed – Talk to Zipper for the first time. If you miss Zipper’s appearance at the start of April, they’ll send you the recipe by mail to your house.

Bunny Day vanity – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day rug – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day flooring – Found in an Egg message bottle.

Bunny Day crown – Received from a joyous resident.

Bunny Day stool – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day wall – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day wardrobe – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day glowy garland – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day bag – Received from a joyous resident.

Bunny Day merry balloons – Found in an Egg message bottle.

Bunny Day wreath – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day table – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day lamp – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day wall clock – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day festive balloons – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day fence – Pop an Easter Balloon.

Bunny Day Arc – Received from Zipper on Bunny Day (Easter).

Wobbling Zipper Toy – Received from Zipper after crafting all other event furniture items.

Bunny Day Wand – Received from Zipper after making the Wobbling Zipper Toy.

A full stack of each egg will be more than enough! You’ll need exactly 21 of both Sky and Water Eggs, as well as 22 Earth, Stone, Wood, and Leaf eggs each to make all of Zipper’s DIY recipes.

Costume Recipes

The event costume recipes are learned from collecting enough of a particular egg’s type, and a more special outfit recipe is learned from knowing how to make the other 6 costumes.

These do not need to be crafted for Zipper’s surprise, but they can be worn to get in the spirit for Bunny Day!

You’ll need 12 of each egg to craft all of the below costumes.

Stone-egg Shell, outfit, shoes: Collect 12 stone eggs.

Sky-egg Shell, outfit, shoes: Collect 12 sky eggs.

Wood egg Shell, outfit, shoes: Collect 12 wood eggs.

Leaf egg Shell, outfit, shoes: Collect 12 leaf eggs.

Water egg Shell, outfit, shoes: Collect 12 water eggs.

Earth egg Shell, outfit, shoes: Collect 12 earth eggs.

Egg party hat, Egg party dress: Learn the recipes for the 6 egg costumes.

On Bunny Day

Zipper’s Egg Trade

Zipper offers to trade eggs on Bunny Day.
©2020 Nintendo

After talking to Zipper a second time, Zipper will begin to offer the ability to trade one egg type for another, an especially useful service if you’re short on a certain type of egg.

Don’t get too excited, though, as this isn’t a direct trade. You’ll have to exchange 3 eggs of one type to get just one egg of a different type.

Because of this, I’d strongly recommend trading only Stone Eggs, Leaf Eggs, or Wood Eggs, which can usually be found in abundance.

Earning Zipper’s Surprise

Zipper about to give the player their reward... or are they?
©2020 Nintendo

So, after nearly two weeks, you’ve found an abundance of eggs, (maybe too many for a lifetime), crafted all of the event recipes, and likely have some form of anxiety from just how frequently those pastel Bunny Day balloons fly across the Island.

What’s Zipper’s surprise? Another DIY recipe! Well, at least another recipe to get to the real surprise.

As lackluster as it may sound, you’ll be given the Wobbling Zipper Toy as one final DIY task. It’ll take 4 of each egg type to make, so don’t get rid of those eggs yet!

Once the toy has been made, return to Zipper, and you’ll finally get your promised reward.

Zipper finally delivering on their promise to reward the player.
©2020 Nintendo

What is it? Yet another DIY recipe, but this one is far more useful and special: A Bunny Day Wand recipe.

If you don’t like the Zipper Toy you were forced to make, you’re in luck, as this wand uses it, along with three star fragments, to craft.

The star fragments are not a seasonal event item, but must be acquired through wishing upon a star.

A Final Funiture Item

Zipper asking the player what they want.
©2020 Nintendo

Congrats! With this guide, you should not only have learned all there is to know about the Bunny Day Event, but you’ll also have earned and crafted each unique Bunny Day item.

But isn’t there something missing? Something almost essential for Easter Egg hunts?

That’s right, the last Furniture Item is none other than an egg basket! And really, carrying Easter Eggs without a basket is cumbersome at best.

To get it, you’ll have to return to Zipper in the Plaza, and proudly announce, “I have eggs!”

After confirming you have all six egg types, Zipper will ask to take one of each egg and carefully arrange them in a basket for you.

Sadly, this is purely a decorational furniture item, but it’s one of the most traditional symbols of Easter, so it might be nice to put an egg basket in your house!

Ver. 1.9.0 a Changes

As of version 1.9.0 a, there have been a few tweaks to the Bunny Day event.

While most of the event should be the same as above, Nook’s Cranny is also selling 5 new Bunny Day furniture items, which can be re-ordered at any time once purchased, and can be purchased multiple times from the store itself.

Other changes:

  • Zipper T. Bunny’s explanation of the 6 types of eggs has been simplified as well, and they now start players off with 10 Water Eggs.
  • Island residents now can randomly approach you and give you free eggs as well!


That’s everything you need to know about the Bunny Day event!

Did you participate in the event? What were your favorite Bunny Day items so far? And how was the event for you in general? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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