May I? Shoutout to My Blog Buddies!


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As some of you may or may not know, today marks the 3-year anniversary of The Candid Gamer, and I couldn’t be more proud of how it’s been coming along!

And while I do want to celebrate my blog today, I think it’s just as apt to celebrate and cheer on the people behind-the-scenes. The ones who encourage my growth and keep me level-headed.

These are my peers, my blog buddies, and just as I try to keep tabs on them and encourage their blogs’ growth, they’ve been gracefully doing the same, and I really want to pay it forward to them.

As such, we’ll focus solely on them this time, and show them better than I can tell them just how grateful I am for their support and their friendship!

If you find their blogs interesting, be sure to follow them and let them know! I’m sure they’d appreciate your support just as much as I do!

Without further ado, let’s give it up for my blog buddies, shall we?

Travel, Lifestyle, & Health Blogs

While these blogs don’t tackle all three of this trifecta at once, they’re all very good resources to consider checking out!

Two of them are travel and lifestyle based, and the third covers some mental health topics.

All of them are excellent blog buddies that I stay in great contact with!

A Thousand Mountains

A Thousand Mountains Homepage

A Website on Depression, Anxiety, and improvement through self-help doesn’t sound very optimistic, but that’s far from the case here!

At A Thousand Mountains, you’ll learn how to overcome those seemingly unreachable obstacles, in ways that can truly help, from my experience.

The author, Cameron Murphey, has a Master’s degree in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Master’s Degree in Communication. It shows, as his blog posts are very actionable, easy to understand, and genuinely helpful.

We share a similar work ethic and commitment to quality, so if you like what I write here, you’ll LOVE Cameron’s posts.

Ready to reach new heights in taking on your mental roadblocks? Your journey begins with A Thousand Mountains!

It’s Not So Bad

It's Not So Bad Homepage

A travel/lifestyle blog, Co-founded by fellow bloggers Ali and Jorge. Their blog is all about taking risks to move towards a better life!

In fact, they’ve taken a risk to get away from a lifestyle they didn’t enjoy, and as it turns out, it was worth it!

By following their journey, you’ll learn some travel tips, see what the best local venues are during their travels, and maybe discover some lifestyle tips along the way, too!

And if you’ve been pondering your next grand adventure, but aren’t how it’ll turn out, who knows? In the end, you might find out that the risk isn’t so bad at all!

Ready to take the plunge into what life has to offer? Don’t worry, it’s not so bad!


ExpatSpeak Blog

Have you ever thought about living internationally before?

What about just learning a different language?

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose!

At ExpatSpeak, you’ll learn different methods to help you speak new languages, the benefits language learning can give you, and some tips and advice on visiting different countries!

This blog buddy of mine is striving to make posts frequently, and they’ve definitely got me beat when it comes to timeliness and persistence! Check back often, as they may have new posts available!

¿Quieres aprender un nuevo idioma? Visitas ExpatSpeak ahora! (Y sí, yo sè un poco español! Pero, yo olvido muchas de mi español… lo siento!)

And if anyone is wondering, their site is in English. Sometimes it’s just good to practice my language skills!

Oh, and did I mention? This blog buddy has made some mobile games, too! They’ve picked up some game development in their free time, and did something I only wish I had the dedication to do.

They’ve got drive, and I respect them a lot because of it.

Wanna check out their apps? Download them from Google Play!

Career Blogs

Looking to ditch your 9-5 job, and get advice on how to start a career? These two blog buddies of mine might be excellent resources for you!

One focuses on food safety and how much they enjoy the field, and the other is a tech lead, wanting to share their knowledge and experiences to help the next set of tech leads after them!

Both have helped me to re-evaluate where my blog stands, and have given me some interesting feedback and ideas, just as career experts should!

Food Safety Career Guide

Food Safety Career Guide Homepage

This site is all about getting your foot through the door in a career for food safety.

The longest-running blog of the bunch, food safety career guide is exactly as it sounds on the tin, and you’d be surprised by how interesting their blog topic can be!

From detailing how they’ve gotten an interview with the World Food Programme, to a tale of how an ambitious entrepreneur began their bakery despite illness, and even a helping of personal finance advice, you just might find their blog appetizing enough to go for another serving of blog posts!

Ready for seconds? Dig in at!

Teaching Tech Leads

Teaching Tech Leads Homepage

Curious about getting a career going as a tech lead? Learn coding tips, resources, and more from an actual tech lead!

Of all of my blog buddies, the webmaster of teaching tech leads has been a great mentor for me, giving me tips and advice for my blog, as well as that painfully honest feedback that hits you like a truck.

Because of them, I’ve had to take closer looks at my site design and layout, and my blog is truly all the better for it.

As for their site, they have a very clear, straight-to-the-point writing style, with a sprinkling of dry humor that makes even the most intimidating technical topic enjoyable to read!

Their goal in blogging is to help the next generation of tech leads more knowledgeable on how the job works, and honestly, I believe them. Their words and actions really reinforce the fact that they want to help, and their genuineness makes them stand out.

If you dream of binary, savor syntax, and coding is your go-to function, my valid assertion is that you’ll enjoy learning what this tech lead has to teach!

Gaming Blogs

Surprise! They may be listed last, but they certainly aren’t least at all — I have gaming blog buddies!

It should go without saying that I have an affinity for games, and I do love blogging, so there’s an incredible amount of ease when talking with my gaming blog buddies!

One of them writes on the Nintendo Switch as well, (but we aren’t at odds with each other, we encourage each other’s growth!), and the other focuses on android gaming, with some actual *gasp* game reviews, unlike me!

Self-deprecating humor aside, let’s group up and meet my fellow gaming blog buddies!

Ready, Set, Gemu!

Ready, Set, Gemu! Homepage
Want another take on gaming? Choebro of Ready Set Gemu! blogs about gaming, gaming life, and gaming culture.

While we’re both working on Switch gaming for now, we don’t see each other as direct competition. If anything, it just makes it a lot easier to see where we’re coming from.

And naturally, of all of my blog buddies, they’re the easiest to geek out with!

Their blog is fairly new, but they have some great tips on how to get the most of out gaming, such as, say… tips for buying a used console, or how to enjoy playing games when you don’t have as much time as you’d like?

Join their party by visiting their blog, and get some xp as they battle a different set of gaming topics!

Android Gaming Fox

Eric's Android Gaming Fox Site Logo

Interested in gaming, but don’t have the time or money to commit to buying a game console or high-end PC?

You might want to check out Android Gaming Fox! Granted, you might need an android device to really make the most of the site, but some of the games they’ve covered are on iOS as well!

At Android Gaming Fox, you can expect to see a nearly identical set of posts to what I make here, only their focus is on mobile gaming. In other words, they’ve got Android Gaming reviews, guides and information!

And if you’re quite familiar with the design and post structure I have on my blog, you’ll feel right at home on their blog; we both use the same theme and a table of contents. We didn’t even coordinate to do so either! Great minds seem to truly think alike here!

But the one thing that they do differently from me? They’ve actually got reviews for games! I’m still figuring out how I should go about making my reviews, but they’ve definitely got some concepts I’m thinking of adapting on!

Got your smartphone or tablet ready and in need of some new games? Check out what the Android Gaming Fox thinks!

Wrapping Up

These 7 blogs I’ve listed above are the result of hard work, passion, and a love for their subject matter! And each of them belongs to a real person — people whom I’m proud to call my blog buddies.

At the end of the day, blogging can be a very lonely, isolating hobby, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

If you’re a blogger, consider making blog buddies as I have! They can be excellent motivators and friends, and no matter how alike or different your topics are, you’ll always be able to relate to the ups and downs of blogging in general with them!

And if you’ve just been chilling out with me, no matter for how long, or how short, consider sharing the love by visiting my fellow bloggers’ sites! We all need support from each other, and especially so from you, yes, you!

Thank you all for helping TheCandidGamer stay three years strong, and to my blog buddies, thank you for being awesome friends. It’s time I pay it forward to y’all for dealing with my special brand of crazy, and I hope you enjoy the shout-out as thanks!

I’m always a click away!

– The Candid Gamer

6 thoughts on “May I? Shoutout to My Blog Buddies!”

  1. This is great. You’ve been on such a roll with posting lately, it has been inspiring to watch. And this post is very generous of you. Thank you for mentioning my blog.

    Keep it up!

    • It’s the least I could do! Thank you for being such a good friend!

      And your blog is great, too! I’d recommend it to anybody, even if I didn’t know you. It has the power to help and heal, and that’s needed so much in this day and age.

      I’m hoping I can keep the momentum up as well!

    • Of course! And I completely understand where you’re coming from.

      My posting has started to slow down some as well because of life, but I’m hoping I can readjust and get back into blogging some more.

      Let me know how your plans turn out! I’m interested to see what you’re going to do next!

    • It’s nothing! And of course I’d give you some kudos! You’ve been a great friend and blog buddy overall!

      And thanks for giving me some examples on how to go about creating and maintaining social media accounts! I haven’t gotten to posting on them just yet, but I’m working on it!

      Blessings to you and your blog as well! You’ve got a very unique and welcoming writing style, and there’s a lot of life on your posts! Hope to see more posts from you soon!


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