Celebrate Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


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June is here at last, bringing with it Summer heat in the Northern Hemisphere, the start of the Wedding Season, and in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the month-long Wedding Season Event.

Like all other real-time events in New Horizons, players will have a limited time to play through the event and collect its exclusive event items.

Unlike other events, this one happens to be the most fun so far, and offers the most flexibility and creativity all around; all you have to do is take pictures, and arrange the photo set!

And because the entirety of this event takes place in Photopia on Harv’s Island, literally everything you’ve ever collected in the game can be used to decorate!

Ready to put your interior design skills to the test? Then go get your decorating on!

Event Overview

(Because of how involved the event is, this overview will be a bit on the long side. Bear with us on this!)

Every day, for the entire month of June, you can help Reese and Cyrus with their wedding anniversary by taking pictures of the happy couple.

However, the event isn’t as simple as taking a picture and moving on; you’ll also need to arrange a wedding set, using a combination of the provided event items and your own collected furniture.

Once that’s done, you’ll then take a picture of Reese and Cyrus, and show the photo to Reese, where you’ll earn a number of Heart Crystals from her depending on how well you’ve captured the scene.

These Heart Crystals can then be traded away to Cyrus, in exchange for the exclusive wedding-themed furniture he makes.

Only the last photo you’ve taken will be submitted, and only one set of Heart Crystals will be given a day, per player.

You’ll also only need to help out for a total of 6 days to get to the event’s epilogue, though you’ll need to participate even longer to get everything the event offers.

Phew… that was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? The process is far quicker done than said, so don’t be put off by the above.

Next up, we’ll cover the Prerequisites needed in order to play the event.

Prerequisites: How to Participate

If you’re wanting to participate in the event, there are only two things you need to do:

1. Have your game up to date, and have a profile with a linked Nintendo Account launch the game.

If done right, you should see “Ver. 1.2.1. c ” on the title screen.

2. Progress far enough in the game to have Harvey visit your Island, and talk to him (if not done already).

Harvey will visit after you have a total of 5 animal residents on your Island, which takes approximately 7 days of progress from the start of the game.

Also worth noting: if Harvey has not been talked to, but the event period is live, you will receive no prompts to participate in the event.

If this is the case, you’ll be able to participate the day after you talk to Harvey, and will hear about the event through the daily island announcements then.

All good? Then let’s kick off the event, and lead with a quick intro before we get started with the guide.

Event Intro

You’ll start the event with a surprise phone call from Harvey.

Harvey will ask for some help in taking pictures for a couple, and requests that you fly to Harv’s Island to help out.

Photopia awaits! Head to the Airport, and then to Harv’s Island, where you’ll embark on your photo-centric journey.

Once there, you’ll see Harvey talking with the wedded couple, and after a quick introduction and a slightly humorous backstory, you’ll be officially asked to help Reese and Cyrus with their anniversary photo shoot.

Now for the event itself. There are 3 distinct stages of the event, which we’ve broken up into groups of days below.

This guide is designed to be read in chronological order, so we’ll start with the first group of days.

Days 1-5

Once you’ve talked with Harvey on Harv’s Island about the anniversary photo shoot, you’ll be taken to a special room in Photopia, where the event truly begins.

If you’re new to Photopia, Harvey will give you a quick run-down of how his photo studio works. (Which we’ll cover in a section below.)

After that, he’ll turn everything over to Reese.

Should you leave the studio, or return the next day for another photo session, you must talk with Harvey again outside of the studio. The event room is only accessible this way, and can not be entered any other way.

When you’re ready to begin, talk to Reese. She’ll get you started with the main part of the event.

Getting Started: Reese and the Photo Shoot Set

Here’s where the bulk of the event starts.

Every day, Reese will announce what set theme she wants to use, as well as the color scheme the set should have.

Using your creativity, you’ll need to arrange the room to best meet those requirements, and submit a photo to Reese for a reward.

Don’t worry if that sounds intimidating: the entire design of the set is yours to command, and Cyrus himself has made some Wedding-Themed furniture for you to use, free of charge.


For the first 5 days, you’ll actually be sticking to just two themes: the Wedding Ceremony, and the Wedding Reception. Both of which should be decked out in pink and white.

And as you continue to help Reese and Cryus with the anniversary photos daily, Cryus will make new furniture for you to use. So don’t worry if the set isn’t pretty as you’d want, you’ll get more to work with the next day!

Now that you’ve got an idea of how the event works, talk with Reese if you haven’t already, and we’ll get to the fun part: decorations!

Staging the Set

This is the part of the event that I honestly like the most. It’s also the most time-intensive, depending on how involved you get, but details.

While Reese has given you some basic guidelines on what she’s looking for, the design of the set is largely up to you, and the room is a completely blank canvas for you to fill! Just make the set look wedding-y!

As far as using the studio, the process is the exact same as how you would arrange the furniture in your own in-game house; Press the down button on your controller, and you’ll then be able to enter decorator mode.

From here, you can adjust the lighting with the up button, and access furniture and items with the right button.

And as a special feature of Photopia, literally everything you’ve ever collected/pocketed can be used to decorate the set, in infinite quantity. Cool, huh?

If you’re completely new to the process or forgot how room decorating works, don’t worry, we’ll take it step-by-step in the following sections below.

If you’re more than familiar with all of that, by all means, please, skip to the photo taking section.

Placing Floor Furniture

Ok, so now you’re ready to start building the set, huh? We’ll start with placing floor furniture.

If you aren’t in decorator mode, press the down button to do so, and then press the right button to open your prop storage.

From here, you’ll have free and immediate access to everything you’ve ever collected, and even have the ability to sort by category tabs for better access.

For now, use the R button to navigate to the “Event” tab.

Here, you’ll see a collection of all of the wedding-themed furniture Cryus has provided for your photo shoot.

Choose the furniture you want, and press A to place it. If you need multiple copies of furniture, pressing A additionally will place as many copies as you’d like.

If you feel some of your own collected furniture or items would be a nice accent to the set, add it! Use the L and R buttons to sort between the category tabs, and press A again to place your items. Just make sure your additions fit Reese’s requests.

And that’s all there is to placing furniture on the set! Stay where you are, and we’ll cover placing Wall-Mounted furniture.

Placing Wall-Mounted Furniture

Once you’ve gotten your floor furniture placed, feel free to press the + button, and switch to wall placement mode.

With a flick of the right stick, you’ll switch to different walls in the room, and you can switch back to floor placement mode by pressing the + button again.

For now, stay in wall placement mode.

The only wall-mounted furniture item you’ll have from the event tab is the Wedding Decoration, so add as many of those to the walls as needed.

If you have any other wall-mounted furniture that you feel is appropriate to add, use the L and R buttons to switch to the “Wall-Mounted” tab, and add your own props to the set!

When finished, you can press the + button to switch back to floor placement mode, and close out the prop selector with B.

Arranging and Moving Furniture

Now that you’ve placed furniture on the walls and floors, the next step is to arrange them.

Back in the regular decorator mode, you’ll just want to move and arrange furniture in the room to make it appealing.

You’ll know you’re there if you see the amiibo symbol in the bottom-left corner of the screen. If you don’t see it, press B to close out your prop storage.

We could go on and on about every option and feature here, but we don’t want to fluff up this post.

As a very quick explanation:

You can select furniture and placed items with the left stick, and press A to rotate items, or hold A to pick up items outright, and move them freely.

If you need to move a batch of items at once, hold the R button, and move the left stick to select an area of items. Release R to grab everything in the selection area.

If you’re short of a particular furnishing, you can use ZR to copy an item, and if you have an extra of an item, you can use the Y button to erase it.

With those brief tips, you’ll need to arrange and modify the room to your liking.

We can’t advise you on how exactly you should do it, as we can’t see your game, but as long as you make the scene visually appealing, you’ll do well!

Just make sure to switch to wall-placement mode as well, and arrange any Wedding Decorations and other Wall-Mounted furniture, too!

With the long-ish room decoration tutorial over, we now return to your regularly scheduled event coverage.

Framing the Shot

Ok, so you’ve spent some time carefully arranging the set, and making it look visually appealing. Congrats!

I’m sure it looks gorgeous, but you aren’t done quite yet.

The last step is to actually take a picture of Reese and Cyrus in the wedding set, and show Reese the picture you took.

While this is, technically, Harvey’s job, Reese herself actually wants you to do the honors and photograph the set. After all, you’re the one with the artistic vision for how the scene looked, who would be better to capture the moment than you?

Rest assured, this is the quickest part of the process. You only need one photo, so you can stop as soon as the first!

Open up your in-game Camera app with ZL, and adjust the camera to your liking to best capture the scene. For this shoot, you can even hide yourself from the shot with the – button!

And if you aren’t familiar with using the in-game camera app, we’ll give you an abridged overview.

  • The right stick is used to freely rotate the camera.
  • The X button zooms in, while the Y button zooms out.
  • The directional buttons allow you to pan the camera for precise movements.
  • Pressing R will cause all characters to look toward or away from the camera.
  • If you have Reactions, pressing ZR opens your character’s Reactions menu, and pressing A triggers other characters Reactions, if set.
  • By pressing ZL, you can cycle through different filters,
  • And L allows you to cycle through different frame overlays.

There’s no right or wrong way to compose the shot. Just try to make the photo the way you’d want to be photographed, and you’ll be golden.

Line up the camera as you want it, apply any filters or frames if you’d like, and when you’re ready, press the + button to take a screenshot.

(Side Note: Since this also triggers the Switch to take a screenshot itself, your capture will be saved and visible from your Capture Gallery on the Home menu. Check it out later and export it if you want!)

Once you’ve taken a picture you’re satisfied with, go back to Reese, and she’ll then review the last picture you’ve taken, as well as give you some rewards for your effort.

Earning Rewards

Of course, in typical event fashion, you’ll be getting some exclusive rewards for all your hard work. You’ll get these immediately from Reese once you show her the photo you’ve taken, so there’s no delay!

What rewards exactly? Well, you’ll get a number of Heart Crystals, and one of the new event furniture items Cyrus made for the day’s photo shoot.

As for the Heart Crystals, these are a form of event currency, which can be traded away to Cyrus for more of his event furniture items. These also stack up to 30, so plan your pocket space ahead of time if you plan on saving them!

(If you wanted to take a peek at what event items you can get, feel free to skip to the Event Items section!)

Day 1 Wrap-Up

Congratulations! You’re done for the the day, and are now unofficially an official wedding photographer! (At least in Animal Crossing.)

But don’t forget, Reese and Cyrus booked the photo studio for a whole month! That means they’ll need your services for the rest of the June!

Come back the next day, and remember, you must talk with Harvey to come back for another photo shoot. Walking through the main door will not allow you to continue the event.

The event as of now might get a little boring at first, but stick with it! You’ll see what I mean when you reach Day 6…

Day 6

By the time you reach Day 6, you might be tired of re-doing the exact same photo sets over and over again, (Especially you, wedding reception theme!)

You might also feel that Reese and Cyrus having 6 consecutive pictures of themselves alone is a bit excessive. (And creativity impairing; there’s only so many times you can use certain Reactions without dampening the experience.)

Thankfully, Reese would agree with you, and instead of merely arranging another set for just the two of them, Reese will instead want to invite your island’s residents, and host a proper wedding-reception party.

Staging the Set… Redux

While you’ll still be doing the reception theme for a 3rd time, you’ll now (finally) have the option to invite up to 10 other guests to the photo shoot, including Wilbur, other player residents, and Harvey himself.

In other words, you’ll now be able do anniversary photos with the complete Photopia experience.

Just like before, decorate the room to your liking. Use the event furniture to taste, add your own relevant props, if needed, and this time, use the Residents tab to add residents to the set.

When you’re done, feel free to take pictures if you want, but remember, that isn’t the goal for today. Reese was actually serious about having a party.

The Wedding Reception Party

After you’ve decorated the room and plopped down a number of Residents, talking with Reese will prompt you to start the party, so make sure you’re satisfied with the room layout.

Once you start the party, you can’t freely drag and drop furniture around, so if you happen to have forced yourself stuck, (like I had), you’ll have no choice but to end the party quickly.

Warnings aside, the party itself is fairly laid-back, even for Animal Crossing standards.

Reese will give a touching toast, and your residents will all sing harmoniously afterwards, but other than the occasional party popper, there wasn’t much to do in my case.

Granted, I got myself stuck between a chair and a decoration, (heed the warning folks, it came from experience!) but I couldn’t interact with any of the characters.

And to be fair, looking back, regular Photopia is like that, too.

In the normal setting, while you could put residents down, they were oddly devoid of dialogue. They’re a bit more autonomous for the party, doing things like popping party poppers and smiling, but still no dialogue.

Painfully honest immersion-breaking train of thought aside, take in the sights and enjoy the atmosphere for as long as you like.

When you’re finished, press the + button to end the party, and move onto the event’s epilogue. (Yep, an epilogue. I’m just as surprised as you are!)

The Wedding Season Epliogue

Immediately after ending the party, you’ll be taken outside of Photopia, and recieve a heartfelt thank-you from Reese and Cyrus for all of your hard work so far.

Don’t fret about your rewards; Reese will still give you your furniture item and Heart Crystals, just like before, despite not taking any pictures from you.

But instead of getting just two rewards, you’ll get a third, surprise furniture item to truly commemorate the event: A Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate!

I won’t spoil the actual conversation itself, but I’ll admit, I enjoyed parts of it! You’ll have to discover it for yourself!

Don’t give up on the event just yet, though. You still aren’t done, and chances are you might still be missing a furniture item or two from Cyrus. Come back again tomorrow, where you’ll have more than a few surprises…

Day 7+

Surprise! There’s still more to the event! Don’t let yesterday’s epilogue fool you, as there’s even more to do, and more to earn.

You may have also burned out from flip-flopping between the reception and ceremony themes, but trust me, it gets better from this point onwards.

Fly back to Harv’s Island, if you haven’t already, and check back in with Harvey.

Harvey will immediately shower you with appreciation for helping him out, and as thanks, he’ll give you a surprise Wedding Fencing DIY recipe.

See? Still more to the event! If you check back in with Reese and Cyrus, you’ll discover even more surprises still!

The… Wedding Anniversary Shoot?

From the second you walk into the event studio, you’ll notice something’s changed.

For starters, the flooring and wallpaper are completely different! They’re only marginally wedding-y!

Reese’s Explanation? Because you did so well with the cutesy theme last week for photos, she thought it was time for something new.

And everybody cheered.

Ok that last part is my own, but everything else is true.

You’ll finally get a break from the relatively stiff Reception and Ceremony themes, and go into more creative and freeing themes like, say… a natural garden theme, or a modern, chic set.

And because the themes are different, you might find the event vastly more liberating than before!

Reese will still want you to keep her set ideas in mind, and even customize Cyrus’ Furniture to match the theme, but now that the environments are completely different, you can add your own creative flair to the set.

The sky’s the limit! And because things are so different, I’m even changing the next section’s header! (Yes, I enjoyed this part of the event a LOT! You will, too!)

Setting the Stage

Alright, with a change of environment, it’s easy to get carried away and a bit adventurous with the set, but remember, it’s still an anniversary-themed photo shoot!

Reese and Cyrus are still in their wedding attire, and your Residents will still be dolled up for future photo shoots. …That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, though!

Consider these new photo sets to be post-wedding celebrations. Maybe Reese and Cyrus are holding a backyard barbecue? Or camping under the stars?

Maybe they’re going on a couple’s karaoke? Or enjoying a classy, elegant dinner?

You get to decide. Reese gives you a more abstract theme, and you get to take it in a variety of different directions!

And remember Cryus’ furniture? These do have very relevant customization options, most of which fit the new themes perfectly. (Funny how that works out, huh?)

Just like day 6, you’ll be able to add your Residents to the set at will, too!

And even better than that, you can also now host parties at your discretion!

The Party Never Stops

That’s right! The party doesn’t stop!

Once you plop down a few residents, you can talk with Reese, and she’ll allow you to host parties at your choice.

Instead of confirming the party with her, you’ll now be able press the + button, and begin the festivities when you see fit!

Feel free to use this opportunity to get some new pictures, or to simply relive the party if you messed it up like I did.

When you’re finished, just press the + button again to end the party, and clear the set with one fell swoop.

But hey, wedding parties aren’t the only thing that don’t stop!

If you talk with Reese again, she’ll offer you the chance to work on yet another set, right there and then! You won’t get any additional rewards from it, but you will get to work on a new theme, with new backgrounds and color schemes.

It might not yield any new rewards, but it can give you a whole new breath of inspiration to work with! Speaking of new rewards…

Cyrus’ Expanded Furniture Trade + A Special Surprise

Oh yeah, Cyrus has some new stuff to trade, too!

But before you get to see his new catalog of event items, he has a very special surprise for you!

It is… a Wedding Wand DIY recipe?! (That’s a thing?!)

Unexpected surprises aside, (or are they?) Cyrus has an expanded new assortment of goodies to choose from. 11 new items, to be exact. We’d list them off here, but because the event furniture section is immediately after this, we’ll point you there instead.

Let’s just say that part of the new additions will allow you to cosplay as a bride or groom.

Alright, we’ve teased you enough. Let’s head over to the event items section and explore!

Event Items: Heart Crystals and the Wedding Furniture Trade

Like other Animal Crossing events, there are a slew of event furniture and items to collect. In this Wedding Season event alone, there are a staggering 29 items to collect and redeem.

Each day, by arranging a set and taking a picture of Reese and Cyrus, you’ll recieve a number of Heart Crystals to trade in exchange for Cyrus’ custom-made event items.

While the game doesn’t clearly mention it, these traded items will be shipped out to your home the following day.

There seems to be no daily limit on how many items you can trade for, so trade away!

Update: According to the game’s official twitter account, Wedding Season item orders are limited to 8 orders a day.

The following list of items are what we’ve uncovered from the event so far, as well as the number of Heart Crystals required to trade.

Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be given away by Reese within the first 6 days.

Event Item Day Unlocked # of Heart Crystals Required
*Wedding Bench Day 1 5 Heart Crystals
Wedding Decoration Day 1 3 Heart Crystals
White Wedding Wall Day 1 12 Heart Crystals
White Wedding Flooring Day 1 12 Heart Crystals
Blue Wedding Rug Day 1 4 Heart Crystals
*Wedding Table Day 2 6 Heart Crystals
Wedding Chair Day 2 3 Heart Crystals
Wedding-Party Wall Day 2 12 Heart Crystals
*Wedding Flower Stand Day 3 4 Heart Crystals
Wedding Candle Set Day 3 4 Heart Crystals
*Wedding Head Table Day 4 6 Heart Crystals
*Wedding Cake Day 4 5 Heart Crystals
*Wedding Pipe Organ Day 5 40 Heart Crystals
*Wedding Arch Day 6 20 Heart Crystals
Wedding Welcome Board Day 6 5 Heart Crystals
Reese & Cyrus Photo Plate Day 6 N/A; Given by Reese on the Day 6 Epilogue.
Brown Wedding Wall Day 7 12 Heart Crystals
Green Wedding Wall Day 7 12 Heart Crystals
Brown Wedding Flooring Day 7 12 Heart Crystals
Green Wedding Flooring Day 7 12 Heart Crystals
Red Wedding Rug Day 7 4 Heart Crystals
White Wedding Rug Day 7 4 Heart Crystals
Cake Dress Day 7 20 Heart Crystals
Wedding Tuxedo Day 7 20 Heart Crystals
Wedding Pumps Day 7 6 Heart Crystals
Wedding Shoes Day 7 6 Heart Crystals
Bridal Veil Day 7 12 Heart Crystals
Wedding Fencing (Recipe) Day 7 N/A; Given by Harvey on Day 7.
Wedding Wand (Recipe) Day 7 N/A; Given by Cyrus on Day 7.


While the event is still ongoing (as of this writing), how was your experience with it so far? Did you enjoy the event, or did you find it boring? Is there a furniture item you like most from the event?

Let’s discuss in the comments below!

And one last thing…

If you’ve found the guide helpful, please, take some time to let me know. I’d really appreciate any and all thoughts on how this helped.

Stay safe, and enjoy the rest of June!

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